Published on March 17, 2020

Networking, being active keys to quality golden years

By Edward A. Forbes / The Bulletin

EOne day you wake up to realize that your children are nearly 40 years old. In that instant, you realize that you are no longer in your “wonder years.” In that instant, you realize that you have reached an age that you and your peers once considered – old.

You meet old acquaintances grocery shopping and ask, “How are you?”

The response is “Fine, just fine.”

I add “I could complain, but no one cares,” or “on the correct side of the grass.”

“If you ever see me jogging, look for the guy chasing me.”

Growing older you don’t necessarily grow wiser, just lonely, if you don’t have a network of friends. You should take steps to ensure your health is as good as you can make it. Join a gym or senior exercise group. If you are the fortunate oldster with a spouse, you can make it a joint venture.

Try to make an effort to appreciate the one who shares your day-to-day life struggles and adventures.
If you are one of the less fortunate living in isolation due to death, divorce or just never making a connection, don’t give up hope.

You can find companionship in many forms. Churches, senior groups, civic groups all offer opportunities to form new relationships, and you should seize the opportunity to explore which ones suit your particular proclivities.

Look in The Bulletin or other local paper to find local events for persons your age and take advantage of them. It isn’t always easy to reach out, but I think you will find kindred spirits in many of these places. You can find people that you can call and talk to or eat a meal with.

Life would be simpler if everyone wore name tags. I smile and greet every person. All too frequently, I recognize the face and that missing name tag would sure help me.

I belong to a group of unattached oldsters, SAS (senior adult social club). We meet once a month and plan a couple of group activities each month.

We go out to eat. We’ve been to a couple of Skeeters baseball games. We have gone to events at the Clarion or Brazosport College’s Seidule Theatre. I’ve met people that I wouldn’t have outside of this little group, people from different walks of life with different interests and skills. Don’t underestimate the value of shared stories, adventures, losses and all the things that entail friendship.

We all need someone.

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