Published on May 11, 2021

Memories are made of this

San Bernard River mouth to open wide

Plus new, spacious bridge to span across FM 2611

By Jan Edwards
The Bulletin

After many years of waiting and hoping, they are finally happening.

It is almost safe to say that the mouth of the San Bernard River will be dredged and widened to allow for better flow into the Gulf of Mexico. It is safe to say that the bridge over FM 2611 will be replaced.

After all this time, the final steps to get both projects going are being taken.

Here is the latest on both.

I’ll start with the bridge replacement on FM 2611. The contract for the bridge has been awarded.

The bid to replace the bridge and ramps up to it has been awarded to Durwood Greene Construction Co. at a cost of $11,769,390.85.

This is welcome news to area residents who use the current narrow bridge daily. The estimated work time is 305 days. The length will be .81 mile.

The old bridge will remain in place during construction. What will happen to it afterwards has not been publicized.

In Freeport, the old bridge over the Brazos River was dynamited in the 1980s after the new one was built. It took several tries before the well-built structure succumbed.

In Brazoria, residents wanted the old bridge to be saved as a historical structure after the new and elaborate bridge over the Brazos was completed, leading into the city from the east side. The West of the Brazos piece of history still stands beside the new project.

Work on the new FM 2611 bridge is due to start in the first week of May 2021.

It will have two 12-foot lanes, one in both directions, and two 10-foot shoulders.

Next, the much anticipated final steps to re-dredge the San Bernard River have begun.

Brazoria County Commissioner’s Court on April 27 opened the project for bids to dredge open the river mouth and a stretch where it enters the Gulf.

The Court hopes to award the bid at their May 27 meeting. Leaving a few weeks to get the dredge down in place, the winning bidder should be dredging sometime in July.

Now we need to get ready for a celebration as these projects are started, then completed.

A big thank you goes out to all the area residents who worked so hard to push through the San Bernard River Mouth widening as well as to the Commissioners Court.

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