Perfect fishing plans turn into picking up others’ trash

By Jan Edwards/ The Bulletin

The sun rose all yellow and pink filling the morning with color. The river was cool green and glass calm. There was a tantalizing breeze beckoning the fishermen to “come hither” to their favorite fishing hole.

hey had bait, tackle and time – so off they went, expecting to find the peace that comes from being with Mother Nature and enjoying her bounty.

The fishermen motored into their “secret” fishing hole silently, using their trolling motor. Perfect! No one else was in sight! It was shaping up to be a perfect day – just the fishermen and their quarry.

But then the day took a turn for the worst - a glint of red bobbing along the shoreline reflecting the morning sunlight – someone’s discarded Coke can. Oh well, it must have just flown out of someone’s boat as they went zipping along the water’s surface. No big deal – or was it?

One fisherman cast out along the shoreline and started to reel back in - only to get hung up on something on the bottom. After some tugging and a few choice words, he reeled in a small log completely enmeshed in discarded fishing line. His buddy cast in another direction, and reeling in, he felt a dead tug on the end of his line. He “landed” in a plastic bag full of what was left of someone’s lunch, rotten bait and used baby diapers.

They looked around the shoreline of their favorite fishing hole then, to notice all sorts of trash left behind – empty beer bottles and cans, remnants of cigarettes, someone’s lost red flip-flop, empty bait containers, plastic bags, assorted plastic beverage bottles, more discarded monofilament. Their perfect day in nature’s beauty was ruined.

They did not get in any fishing that day – but they reverently cleaned up other “sportsmen’s” trash out of their “secret” fishing hole. They left the bags of trash in the trash receptacles at the boat ramp. When they left the water that day, they left it with the satisfaction of knowing they had done the right thing.

As our fishermen left the boat ramp, the guys taking their boat out behind them were busy cleaning out that boat before they left the water.

Empty bait containers, beverage bottles and cans, plastic bags, and what lunch was wrapped in - into the water.

They couldn’t make it a couple of feet further to put the trash in the receptacles.