Published on October 12, 2021

We adopted a dog who needed a friend

By Jan Edwards
The Bulletin

Sometimes, you don’t always get what you want – you get what you need.

That’s what happened when we rescued our two fur babies from the SPCA. Here’s a short tale of how we were united with Coon Dog.

“It’s cancer,” the vet said. Treatment options for Daisy, our Pomeranian, registered through a veil of tears. I wasn’t prepared for this diagnosis. We took her home for hospice.

Then it dawned on me that Dammit Dog, our Yorkie, was almost 15 years old. The reality that both dogs could soon be crossing over the rainbow bridge set in. Sadness enveloped me like a cold winter fog. That was a Saturday.

For some time, I had been thinking about getting a teacup Yorkie. I decided to look online - nothing. Then, I went to the SPCA of Brazoria County Facebook page - hoping. I saw a few small dogs, but no Yorkies.

I decided to message the SPCA: “Do you ever have any small Yorkies - preferably female?” I figured that no one would answer. It was, after all, Sunday. Miraculously, an answer shot right back. One would be ready Tuesday. I also received a picture. There was something about that little face.

We were at the SPCA as the doors opened on Tuesday. While I located the intake number for the dog we wanted to see, Roy disappeared through the door frame. The SPCA was already full of people and animals, trying to find each other.

My heart sunk when the lady behind the desk told me that two people were ahead of me to see that dog, and one was in the lobby with her then. The other was an internet request.

I peered over the cages into the lobby and discovered that Roy was the one playing with the Yorkie pup, which had raccoon-colored fur, and the online request was - me. One look at her pleading eyes, and Roy and I knew she was the one.

This little girl and her brother had been orphaned by the 2016 spring Brazos floods. The finder had kept the boy, but Coon Dog was in desperate need of a friend. She wasn’t what I thought I had wanted. She wasn’t 100% Yorkie and was still a puppy. Instinctively, though, we knew we needed each other.

We took her home, and not long after, Daisy, our Pomeranian, passed, and not long after that, so did Dammit Dog, our Yorkie. Coon Dog felt abandoned – again. The search for a companion pup began.

For a couple of weeks, we searched newspaper ads and online rescue sites. No small dog showed up. Then it happened.

I saw a picture of a little black and white dog, who was in SPCA foster care. I knew she was the dog. She and her three puppies had been tied in a pillowcase and thrown in a water-filled ditch. Someone saw that and pulled them out. One puppy was already dead, and one died soon afterward. They saved her and one puppy.

Both had mange and had recovered. The puppy was going to Oregon to his new home. I had to have the momma dog, though. I contacted the SPCA, and someone there set up a meet and greet for the little black and white dog and Coon Dog.

We put them in the fenced yard at the SPCA, and it was love at first sight. They began to play immediately. We took the black and white dog home with us that day. Her name had been Bonnie, but she was clever, behaved like a little stinker, and she was black and white, so she became “Skunk.”

The two dogs together were nothing short of pure love. Skunk needed to be a momma dog, and Coon Dog needed a mom. They instinctively took on those roles, and they fit in with our little family. Friends in need found a home.

Many more friends can be found at the SPCA of Southern Brazoria County, which is located at 141 Canna Lane, Lake Jackson, 77566. For information about adopting a friend, call (979) 285-2340.

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