Published on November 23, 2021

Reasons why I give thanks at Thanksgiving

By Jan Edwards
The Bulletin

‘Tis the season when we race around buying food to prepare wonderful feasts for our families and friends.

We stress out over the perfect turkey – should we roast it, bake it, fry it, or just smoke it?

Do we stuff it or make dressing? Brown gravy or giblet? What kind of veggies should we cook? Can we ever have enough pumpkin and pecan pies? Do we host the meal or go to Aunt Velma’s?

If we’re not careful, we may let preparations for a good time steal away from celebrating in the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

Stop for a minute, take a breath and take stock of all we have for which to be thankful. Maybe we should just think about giving thanks.

I close my eyes, stand on the deck and feel the brisk north wind cut a pattern south. It brings with it a visit from our winter winged visitors, the Snow Geese.

I don’t have to see them. I hear their “line-up” honks as they look for a likely field to have their picnic - their Thanksgiving meal stop. Ever since I was a child, the visiting geese have always signified that the beat of life goes on.

For this, I am thankful.

We’ve had more than our share of rain in the San Bernard River shed, but we didn’t have a major flood. Water draining out of the back bays brought shrimp and bait fish with it and brought back the Roseate Spoonbills that had been missing for a while.

The Texas Department of Transportation is well on the way to building a larger, safer bridge over the San Bernard. The little dredge that could is working at opening the mouth of the San Bernard River.

By spring, new fish migrations will find this old path, and we’ll all be catching fish under our lights. Black-bellied whistling ducks have taught me their songs as they fly overhead on the way to a local landing pad and neighborhood snack shop.

For these, I am truly thankful.

Another hurricane season has come and gone. And even though Nicholas left his calling card, he didn’t devastate our immediate coast.

We’ve had another year of spectacular sunsets and sunrises that take our breath away and full Harvest and Hunter’s moons spilling pools of gold on the calm river with rainbow after rainbow pouring their pots of gold into the San Bernard.

For this, I give thanks.

My family is healthy; there is money in the bank and food on the table. There’s a roof over my head and a river outside my front door.

I’ve discovered new information about the area’s history puzzle I am trying to piece together.
I have friends up and down the river with whom to celebrate, share joys and sadness, to share the load and just to be there for them.

For all this that I am so lucky to experience, I give thanks.

So, in the spirit of giving thanks, I lift my morning cup of coffee to the new sunrise and another new day that will bring even more joys for which to be thankful.

I vow to give back to this community that gives so much to those who know it well. And I think that if I never get a bite of turkey this Thanksgiving, I have already had my feast. I have satisfied my soul.

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