Printed November 26, 2019

The beauty of giving thanks

By Janice Edwards/ The Bulletin

I looked up. At first, I couldn’t see anything, but then I turned and looked up-river, and they appeared - hundreds of Snow Geese and Blues hanging from the heavens and flying in ever-changing multiple V formations. They were the only things in the crystal blue sky with the sun glinting off their white wings; the beautiful sight took my breath away.

I whispered, “Thank you for this, God.” I looked around with renewed joy – I have a lot to be thankful for.
A group of White and Brown Pelicans were preening and hunting for breakfast across the river. Roseate Spoonbills were seining for shrimp.

Black Skimmers were cruising the river for their favorite snack, and The American Avocet was strolling down the beach. A Crested Cara Cara was walking along the beach, looking for his breakfast. A blue Dragonfly landed on the staircase ahead of me. This day was a gift – an everyday miracle for which to be thankful.

But there was more to be thankful for than this everyday miracle. Tropical Depression Imelda came to this section of our coastline, and though she made her presence known, she left most of our homes still livable. Friends were able to make it back to their homes and, with some work, go on with their lives. Imelda’s wake-up call emphasized that we shouldn’t take what we hold so dear for granted. For that, I am thankful.

Then, there are our friends. We all looked after one another before and after the storm. Our neighbor across the street called to let us know the river was almost to our car tires – we’d gone to bed with the river well within its banks, only to wake to it covering the riverside portion of our yard. But the river mouth was still partially open, and the 25-plus inches of rain in the San Bernard River drained. We were not flooded. For that, I am thankful.

We helped C.K. Milsap put on the first prom for special-needs kids, and we helped the Brazoria Lions put on Celebrate America for one more year. We were blessed to meet little Abigail Arias #758 and her wonderful family and friends. We are lucky enough to meet with our Buzzard (Friday night dinners) group most Friday nights, checking out the eateries of Brazoria County and sometimes beyond. I have been blessed with the friendships of the ladies in the Brazoria Study Club – and learned a lot as a result. For all of these, I am thankful.

So many beautiful things for which to be thankful. Surf-run Speckled Trout are again in the river, and we have been feasting on Trout Amandine. We haven’t done much of that for two years now.

I am personally thankful for beautiful things in my life - my husband; the friends around me; the Alaska cruise with the kids; my beautiful, silly dogs; Trout Amandine; being able to write, and fish; DSL; our life in Brazoria County; wildlife; the “heartbeat” of the diesel engine of the push boats on the Intracoastal Canal; the seasonal beat of nature reminding us that the rhythm of life goes on. These are all beautiful things, and for them, I am thankful.

During the hustle and bustle of preparing for the Thanksgiving feast, take a deep breath and look around. You’ll find plenty of things to be thankful for – each new day brings still more beautiful things. Take time to appreciate and enjoy them.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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