Published on March 23, 2021

Chasing the Creator

What’s behind each door has a valuable meaning

By Shirley Prihoda
The Bulletin

Wisdom comes with age. Sometimes age comes by itself.

Regardless of age, from time to time our hearts lie to us. We think life is under control, or at least that it will be an open book test.

Then those moments where the photographer carries almost as much weight as the attendees, happens. That’s how life begins, sort of like a simple melody, or a soft breeze caressing your face.

New love feels like that, because your heart says you’ve finally grabbed the brass ring.

This raw sincerity lacks the knowledge that the sands of time, and the challenges it will bring, will certainly add depth and color that couldn’t be reached otherwise.

Life, like a symphony, begins softly and gains momentum as more players enter the stage. With each addition, life’s message expands, and unfortunately, often without the luxury of elastic waistbands! God is purposeful by design, and everything He does and says is meant to ensure life works for maximum benefit - ours, not His.

In the wisdom of Someone who’s been here, done that, and got the T-shirt, He knew what would be coming into our lives on day two and that we would need help.

Wanting the easy way, I wanted superpowers. Not one - I want them all. I want to fly, be invisible, stop a locomotive with one hand and clean my house faster than a speeding bullet with the other. However, it seems what I got was the speeding bullet in reverse. I clean all morning, and by the afternoon, the house looks as if it could be featured on a TV hoarder show!

Since granting superpowers apparently was not in His plan, surely something equally spectacular “from a galaxy far, far away” was available!

Right about now I’m thinking game show doors. Three doors, my choice! Only to find the doors open and a piece of musical instrument behind each one. I’m looking around for door number four or at least a wild card option. Neither appeared. Upon closer inspection, each door had a different type of instrument. Door one had stringed, door two had horns, and behind door three, drums.

With my mind racing, I’m thinking if my kids find these drums, that invisible superpower would’ve certainly come in handy! I wanted to talk to the Host of this give-away, and quickly! There had to be a miscommunication. I needed supernatural power to get me through life, not make me want to end someone else’s!

Then the Host appeared, and just as I’ve done so many times with my own kids, He said, “Look at me. Do you hear me talking? Are you listening to Me?”

Well, that’s not actually how it went, but it sort of felt like that. He smiled and looked into my eyes, and with a gentleness that made me feel lower than dirt, sort of like when you’ve been rude to someone and they smile sweetly and say something nice to you. Yeah, that kind of gentleness.

He said, “Don’t you understand? I created musical instruments for you. Their purpose is to help carry your song from the beginning to the end.” He continued, “Perhaps the reasons why I created them has never crossed your mind, or if it did, it was like that game show you were thinking about earlier. That being the case, let Me connect a few doors for you. Each one of the instruments has a specific purpose, other than just the sound it makes. Though each are different, they announce My supernatural presence on the stage of your life.”

My thoughts were still on a door number four, but like a loving Father, He didn’t give up. He said, “Do you remember the feelings you had when school let out for the Brazoria County Fair Parade? You got there two hours early for a good spot, and after what seemed an eternity, you looked down the street and YOUR high school band was coming.

But, as they approached, they were marching without playing, and your heart sank. Then suddenly the horns blasted, and your smile stretched so wide your face felt as if it may break. Just when you thought your heart couldn’t take any more, the drums started, and the ground beneath your feet came alive. That’s the power of musical instruments to transport you from where you are, to Me.”

Now that the doors were starting to connect musical instruments with healing my heart, He began with Door One. He said, “Stringed instruments calm the storms in your life and beacon you to look up, because I, the Holy One, has entered the room with hope in My wings.” He moved to door number two and said, “Just like the horns in the parade announced the band, horns were created to pierce the atmosphere, proclaiming that I, the Majestic One, still sit on the throne. And, as the Almighty Ruler of all galaxies both near and far, far, away, I have full power to change situations.”

When He reached door three, He paused for a moment as if remembering a dark and lonely place, and said “For those times when all seemed lost, and you wonder if tomorrow will come, I created the drums.

When you hear them, remember they are My heartbeat, the heartbeat of life. This will give you the courage to know that I’m in this with you, and I’ll take you through it.”

My daughter’s wisdom in the Lord’s ways is a cherished treasure. This is one of her favorite recipes. It’s easy and so amazing!

Mandy’s Toffee Graham Cookies
½ Cup Sugar
2 sticks Butter
Combine in saucepan. Bring to a full boil and cook for 2 minutes.
Line a large cookie sheet with Graham Crackers. Pour sugar mixture over the crackers and sprinkle 2 cups chopped pecans over the top.
Bake at 325° for 10 minutes. Remove immediately onto wax paper to cool.

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