Published on July 13, 2021

God gives us all a gift in the womb to use as we wish

By Shirley Prihoda
The Bulletin

In the stillness and safety of the womb, every child has a gift tucked inside them waiting to be used.

The gift may be as a writer, a leader, police officer, fireman, or nurse. Maybe it’s the ability to grasp engineering, which is certainly not a gift on my radar, neither is reading owners manuals. Each gift is selected specially for that child, and the job of delivering it to the womb is not delegated to an angel or a cherub.

It is hand-delivered by the Creator Himself with the purposeful intention of blessing the child first, and then for them to use it to bless others.

It’s not unlike when we search for the perfect gift for our children. We want them to be thrilled at receiving the gift and then use it for its intended purpose. We are free to choose our path in life, and there will always be the option of two paths, and each has a destination that leaves clear footprints.

One path may lead to a cure for disease, or one may pin on a badge and run toward danger to rescue others. Maybe it’s a smile that values someone above yourself.

Something amazing happens when one recognizes the talent given to them and uses it for the purpose in which it was intended. As with all decisions, one leads to light and the other to darkness. The dark path will leave the person knowing they are missing something they were meant to do. That longing for fulfillment often leads to abuses to themselves and others.

When the Creator gives His gifts, He doesn’t take them back, even if they are used destructively. There have been times in my life where I haven’t used my treasured gifts for the good of others We can see a couple of people in the Bible who didn’t either. Paul, the Apostle was given the gift of a skilled orator and the brains to be an accomplished Rabbi and teacher, but it took a pony ride to Damascus for him to realize he was barking up the wrong tree. He got his sight back in the natural and the spiritual. Now, he had to press forward and not look back because the view in the rearview mirror was too painful. I’m sure he encountered family members or children whose parents were torn to bits by lions as a sporting event. And, each time he remembered, he had a part in their deaths.

Another person to consider is James. It’s been said that the book of James is the Proverbs of how to live in the New Testament. Why was James so fixated on the tongue and how it could set the world on fire? I think he was putting his money where his mouth had been, or as my mama used to say, “he had walked that talk?” This James is the younger brother of Jesus. He had lived all his life with Jesus and probably shared a room and pjs with him. He laughed at him, made fun of him, thought he was crazy and shamed him at every opportunity.

If that wasn’t enough, he left him to face the horrors of Golgotha with only his mama standing there remembering the night the angel stood before her with what at the time seemed like gloriously wonderful news. James was given the gift of a leader, but he woke up Easter morning and realized he had bought a first-class ticket on the Titanic. He had been leading, all right, but on the wrong ship. That realization came a day late and a dollar short. He had missed an amazing opportunity to learn from the Man he had shared a room with. He, like Paul had to look forward and not in the rearview mirror or he would have wasted his gift and not become the leader of the whole Jerusalem church.

If he had focused on his past, it would have stolen his future. But, as one who had bought the wrong ticket and now lives with the memory of what an unbridled tongue can do, he set out to warn others as only an experienced leader can. 

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