Published on February 18, 2020

My pregnancy started off a little rough

Why the Astros may have been my morning sickness victims

By Stephanie Johnson / The Bulletin

I’ve always heard the beautiful stories about pregnancy, how it was the best or most special time of someone’s life and how they loved being pregnant.

My pregnancy didn’t start that way.

I had probably gone to the doctor a little too early. They couldn’t see a yolk sac or a baby. Nothing was showing up. There were a lot of emotions that day. Hey, I’d better be pregnant, or I’ll need a good explanation why all these changes are taking place and why I’m throwing up, I thought.

Then, it was time for blood work.

I went to a clinic to test for a zillion different things. They took quite a bit of blood from me. I wanted to ask them to leave some for me.

Then I had to wait another full month before going back and finding out if I was actually pregnant. It was a long month. Each day crawled by slowly as I wondered why I felt so - different. I was anxious, scared, tired, and any other emotion you can feel during this time.

My body was trying to convince me that I was pregnant by keeping me exhausted and not letting me eat. I was having meat aversions, which, I read, was normal. I was only able to keep down mostly crackers and grains. I had unwillingly gone vegan, and I was not happy about it. But my system was appeased by the new diet.

Every now and then I’d crave a burger or chicken tenders and tell myself that it would be fine just this one time. It wasn’t fine. My body fought a valiant battle against me.

Every morning I would wake up and have a routine. It went like this: Wake up, lay there and try to avoid throwing up, then eventually throw up. There was no way to avoid morning sickness. Those specialty teas and mints were a total waste of money.

The exhaustion had been there since day one, but the entire first trimester included dozing off and at completely random places.

My new, unpredictable biological condition became a big hassle, even at the World Series Game last year.
I was part of the “Green Team”, and was able to attend the game for free as long as I went around and collected recycled items.

Walking up and down the stairs wasn’t the best thing to do as an exhausted, newly pregnant woman. I ended up holding the recycling bag at the top, while I let my husband, David, walk up and down the stairs every inning.

In-between innings, I ran to the bathroom to throw up. One inning I didn’t make it all the way. I found the nearest trash can. Some guy got upset at me because he was using it as a drum. I had no choice but to vomit in his drum. Then he stopped banging on it. And the Astros lost.

Wait a minute. Now it makes sense. Did I throw up in the sign- signal-sending can? I didn’t mean to. It looked like a regular can.

By the end of the game, I was totally exhausted. I was at my home team’s World Series game, and all I could think about was sleeping.

I found an empty picnic table by the Crawford boxes and took the world’s best nap. SInce the banging noise stopped, and we lost, it turned out to be the right decision.

Lesson learned: Don’t get pregnant and then volunteer to collect recyclables at Minute Maid Park during the World Series.
The long month was finally over, and it was time for the follow-up doctor’s visit. We went straight into an ultrasound room. A woman I had never seen before was asking me a bunch of questions. I’m not sure if I answered any of them. I do remember telling her that we weren’t sure if I was pregnant, or if my body liked to throw up at home and at baseball games.

And then came the good news. That little pea-sized shape in the Ultrasound picture was our baby.

“Welcome to the family!” David and I were beside ourselves. Our emotions got the best of us again. We were thrilled, and crying. Then the tech doing the ultrasound burst into tears. It was one of the sweetest moments - a Kodak moment, for those of you who remember that incredible successful marketing campaign.

I’d be lying if I said that the first few weeks were beautiful.

It was a little messy and emotionally complicated.

But being pregnant is beautiful.

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