Published on March 17, 2020

Future mommy diaries

Learning the baby accessories game

By Stephanie Johnson / The Bulletin

The time has come to start buying things for the baby. But what I found while setting up a registry boggled my mind. I guess people have more money than they know what to do with, unlike me.

As soon-to-be first-time parents, I was excited to start the baby registry. As I did my research, I began to realize that there are way too many options in the baby market, and some way out in left field as far as price and usefulness is concerned.

I decided to research a bassinet, since that is where we will have the baby sleeping before we transition him or her to the crib.
I stumbled on an item called a “SNOO.” Their slogan is: “When baby sleeps, everyone sleeps.” It caught my interest because one of my goals after the baby arrives is to be able to sleep some.

SNOO is a responsive bassinet that boosts a baby’s sleep by combining gentle rocking with soothing white noise and snug, safe swaddling. You can control this bassinet from your phone. They state that it adds 1-2 hours of extra sleep compared to other bassinets.

I must have missed that bassinet study when it came out.

The catch? It costs $1,295, and that is for the base model. It can only hold up to 25 pounds, so once your baby is over that weight limit, it is no longer safe. I have a cat that weighs more than that, so he can’t even use it. This expensive bassinet probably has a lifespan of six months per baby.

I looked for an alternative and found a free one. To achieve the same calming effect, doctors recommend putting the baby on top of the dryer. Wa-la! While the baby is snoozing, I can snooze also - and get some laundry done.

Can’t afford a SNOO? You can rent it or pay monthly. I passed.

We decided to go with a pack-n-play that has a built-in bassinet for a total of $100. It also comes with a changing station, and the baby can grow and play in the bottom part of it. I would say that we made a good choice. But the dryer option still sounds interesting.

Another item that seems to be very popular with my generation is a “mammaRoo.” This is a seat that swings and mimics the natural motion of the parents. Their tagline is: “It moves like you do.” This item got my attention because I don’t want to constantly hold the baby. Sometimes I’ll have to be able to get things done – like clean up and make a living. This will hold the baby for me, making the little one think that I am the one doing the holding. Good trick, but at the newborn age, it doesn’t take much.

A doctor states: “The mamaRoo is calming because it provides an environment that is similar to still being in utero – babies feel contained, they’re moving, there’s a bit of sound – and we find that very soothing for our babies.”

O.K. As long as the baby is fooled, that’s good enough for me. I’m trying not to overthink this.

A doctor’s recommendation? Tell me more. This infant seat starts at $219 and holds up to 25 pounds, the same weight limit as the bassinet. Again, useless even for the cat. The price point doesn’t hit me as hard, but other swings average around $100.

I also read reviews that babies either hate it or love it. If I spend this much money on a swing, I want some guarantees that the kiddo is going to love it.

It is interesting to see how technology has changed the baby world. Babies used to sleep just fine in less tech-oriented solutions, like woven baskets, or on a blanket. They grew up just the same.

I recently received a duck that you put into the bathtub to see if the water is too hot for the baby. “Back in my day, we just put our hand in the water and checked the temperature,” mom explained. It makes sense, or used to, anyway.

Time to get back to my baby registry. It is harder to register for cute clothes when we haven’t found out the gender yet, but that appointment is right around the corner.

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