Published on April 7, 2020

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How sweet it is! Diabetes test has me not craving sugar

By Stephanie Johnson / The Bulletin

There are many moments in my pregnancy that are sugar and spice and everything nice, but not the mandatory diabetes testing. It is all sugar - so much sugar that at the end - you’ll hate sugar for a very long time.

There are rules that come with this test. No eating 12 hours prior to your appointment. I was given a list of suggested meals to eat the three days before the test. They were all pretty healthy for the most part, which meant no cheese enchiladas, one of my pregnancy favorites. That was a big challenge.

I followed all the rules, stuck to the diet, and had no fear, except for the 8 a.m. appointment, which is a little early for me, especially when you include drive time. I walked in the door just in time and was ready to conquer this test.

The nurse handed me a fun-sized bottle of sugary liquid that I had to consume in five minutes. Even those with a sweet tooth would agree that this is too much of a good thing. Then I had to stay in the waiting room for an hour. I could not use the restroom, eat, or drink.

I stared at the coffee machine and sat right next to it. That machine is my friend in the mornings. Come rescue me, coffee machine, I thought. Take me away from this sugar-laced test.

The preparation had 50 grams of sugar. That’s like 10 Easter Bunny chocolates, the kind that you start with biting off the ears. I took a large gulp. Wow. Sweet. Very sweet. If I didn’t have diabetes before, I was sure to have it now.

I finished the drink with a minute to spare, sat down and started thinking of salt. I had to waste an hour until they could take my sugar-filled blood. The baby started reacting to all that sugar and did kicks and karate chops, moving all over the place.

After the longest hour of my life, they called my name and took my blood. The result: gestational diabetes. That meant another test, this one would be three hours long. I was given a special diet again, but this time I was able to load up on carbs for the entire week, which meant cheese enchiladas every day!

The three-hour test required drinking a double shot of the previous sugar-packed cocktail. I was getting angry at sugar now.

Every hour, I had to get up and have my blood drawn. I was hoping that they’d leave enough for me and the baby. I worked on my laptop and tried not to think about sugar.

The first hour went by pretty fast. I was already skilled with the one-hour test.

The second hour was rough, but I did some editing, which took up the time.

The third hour was worse. All I could think about was eating something, anything but sugar.

I started looking up places where I wanted to eat. I wanted a burger, fries, and a milkshake.

I know. Milkshake? It has sugar, but I made an exception because it tastes so good.

After the last hour of blood was drawn, I packed up my stuff and ran out the door, where my husband, David, was waiting for me in his car.

We went to the restaurant, and I ordered the largest hamburger on the menu, large fries, an oreo milkshake, and queso.

David watched me devour every single bite. I even dipped my fries in my milkshake to get every drop. It’s a pregnancy side-effect. The people around me probably thought that I hadn’t eaten in a week, which is how I felt.

It’s official - I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. My entire pregnancy, meal choices, and grocery shopping patterns were about to change. No more cheese enchiladas.

My challenge just became bigger.

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