Published on April 21, 2020

Future mommy diaries

Baby shower plans challenged by virus

By Stephanie Johnson / The Bulletin

It was almost time for our baby shower. We were very excited. This is our first baby, so we weren’t stockpiling anything yet and were still figuring out what we needed. We made a baby registry and have received some gifts already, for which we are thankful. We couldn’t wait to celebrate baby Brantley with our friends and family.

COVID-19 changed all that.

A stay-at-home order was issued two weeks before the shower was scheduled. We knew this virus wasn’t going anywhere and that the order would most likely be extended - which it was. Decorations had already been purchased, party favors were put together, and invitations had been sent out with an RSVP list of guests already coming. We knew what we had to do. We rescheduled it and pushed it back a month. We figured we would be good by then. But COVID-19 was just starting to spread across the globe and was about to dominate the country.

We didn’t know what was to come. But once we saw more trends, we knew we wouldn’t be able to have a traditional baby shower.

That is when we came up with the idea of the untraditional baby shower: a drive-through and virtual shower. We had to get innovative and do the best with the circumstances we were given, while keeping everyone safe. We are still figuring out the last details, but we have a plan.

Invited guests can come to our drive-through baby shower and get a to-go bag of pre-packaged goodies and party favors. They can make signs to celebrate Brantley and drop off gifts. We will record everything and put together a video clip to watch and share with them later.

We will decorate the house like normal for the baby shower, and go live on Facebook with a tripod setup. This way, those invited can feel like they are there with us - in a virtual way. We will play games, have prizes that our guests can win, eat cake with our guests virtually, open gifts, and whatever else comes to mind for that day.

Technology sure has come a long way, and while I wish we could have a traditional baby shower for our first-born, we are thankful that we will be able to celebrate him at least this way with our friends and family.

COVID-19 has canceled a lot of important moments in people’s lives, but sometimes you have to sacrifice to keep everyone around you safe. You can get creative with technology, or you can reschedule to a future date once the virus runs its course, whenever that will be. Or, just cancel the whole thing, which would be the easiest choice. We chose technology and safety.

For right now, we’re trying our best to stay positive and know that when we are sacrificing something, we could possibly be saving someone from suffering or even worse.

When the stakes are this high, making some changes to a baby shower plan doesn’t seem all that significant. Plus, this untraditional way sounds like a lot of fun.

I can’t wait to share with you how our virtual baby shower turns out. It is scheduled for early May, and I will update you with details soon after it happens. And, we strongly hope that our little guy hangs out for a while and doesn’t go anywhere before that!

We are very lucky to be able to welcome him to the world, even though the world is a little different right now.

(You can reach Stephanie at stephanie.bulletin@gmail.com. Or by writing to: The Bulletin, P.O. Box 2426, Angleton, TX. 77516)