Published on May 4, 2021

New Mommy Diaries

Mother’s Day another first for new mom

By Stephanie Johnson / The Bulletin

All Mother’s Days are special to me because I have a super mom. But this time I’m celebrating having a mom and being one.

Being a mother is hard and rewarding, and I love it - even the sleepless nights when I’m holding my baby and praying that he will fall asleep before I do.

My baby is almost one year old, and this past year has completely changed my life. I wouldn’t change one thing about it.
Momming (definitely a verb) is not easy. From delivering the baby, to the newborn stage of getting no sleep and feeding every two hours, it’s, honestly, exhausting.

I don’t really remember the first three months. It all blends together. I think it’s a trick that’s played on us moms so we eventually have more kids and forget how hard it was in the earliest stages. I am one of three children, and mom always said that the first one is the hardest because the mom learns with the baby.

Motherhood has been a ride for me. It’s a full-time job, and there are good days and days that could be better. My favorite days are when my baby is happy and healthy, when he is laughing and having fun. There is truly nothing better than that.

One of my least favorite parts is when he decides to have an explosion in his diaper, and we both need a bath.
My very least favorite days are when my baby is sick or not being his normal, funny self. Having a sick kid takes a toll on mom.

When my baby was sick for the first time, I just wanted to wave a magic wand and make it all go away. Moms are some of the most unselfish people on this planet, and they give it all they have. Then the baby becomes mobile.

Say goodbye to whatever little alone time you’ve had. I don’t know the last time I went to the restroom without him following me in there and unrolling all of the toilet paper rolls (Cats aren’t the only ones that do that). Usually, if things are quiet, something is wrong.

My baby is crawling, although he did take his first steps the other day, and it was one of the most exciting moments of our lives.

I remember when he yawned for the first time. It was the cutest thing, and we recorded it. I think I have recorded or taken pictures of every “first”; I’m that mom.

I’ve got a super active baby. I can’t keep up with him when he is on a mission. He is fast, and mom comes running behind him. I don’t have to work out because chasing him around is my workout. Lifting him up and down is even better than lifting weights - 25 pounds with one hand while carrying groceries. No problem!

He started eating solid foods and has acquired taste buds for everything. I have never seen any baby eat like he does. He holds onto meatballs and eats them and then stuffs fruit in his mouth. Sometimes, when I look over, he is feeding half of it to the dog.

He loves trips to the grocery store because he can ride in the little race car carts there. I haven’t told him yet that I’m doing the steering.

I’m always thankful for any place that makes shopping or running errands a little easier for moms. They realize that we have to change our children’s outfits multiple times and force them to put on shoes, and they look out for us by giving us closer parking spots so we aren’t circling the parking lot with a little one who wants out of his carseat and who is screaming in our ears.

Moms are truly superheroes!

From working full-time, part-time, or staying home with the kids all day, every mom is special and hard working.

This Mother’s Day, show mom some extra love, because she deserves every last bit of it. Also, thank you mom for everything you did for me. I appreciate you more than ever, and love you!

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