Published on June 2, 2020

Future mommy diaries

Anticipation keeps me on my toes these last few days

By Stephanie Johnson / The Bulletin

A storm came through the other night, a bigger storm than usual. We were pounded with rain, and the thunder was extra loud, sometimes shaking the house.

The storm hit around the middle of the night to early morning. I am not sure if it was the change in the atmospheric pressure, or the fact that I was a little frightened, but a couple of contractions had started. I thought this was it. I was sure of it.

I didn’t sit in the patio chair that led to our previous dilemma about whether my water broke. It didn’t. The chair was just wet. But this could be the big event - contractions and everything. We may have to get to the hospital by boat, but we’ll get there, I thought.

I downloaded a contraction timer app on my phone. Yes, that’s how we do it these days. There is an app for everything. I timed each contraction and the duration. You can rate the pain of each contraction and write notes. Some of these apps’ extra functions are not all that useful. I don’t know how many women having contractions would take time to write notes.
But I timed them and walked around some. They didn’t get worse, but they didn’t get better.

I wasn’t sure what to do, so I thought it would be a great idea to go for a walk after the storm. I finished a mile, so I probably wasn’t going into labor.

As I walked around the neighborhood, I felt better, and every pain went away. Well, I guess that answered my question. Braxton Hicks (false contractions) pulled a trick on me.

Maybe it was just gas. But my mother’s gas in the ninth month turned out to be her first-born on his way. It was not going to be the case with me, not right now, anyway.

We are playing the waiting game and getting anxious. We’re on his time schedule. The longer he takes, the more anxious we become.

I’ve been walking two miles a day almost every single day during this pregnancy. I even played tennis with my parents the other day, although if they wanted the ball to be returned, they had to hit it to me within my racket’s reach.

They say the more active you are, the easier the delivery should be. I am not sure if that is true, but it’s worth a try.
They also say that you can “walk the baby out.” If that were true, I think he’d be here by now.

On the rest of that stormy day, I was a little upset that he had kept me waiting like this. My doctor equates these Braxton Hicks (false) contractions to practicing for the Superbowl. Once he decides to make his arrival, it’s the Super Bowl - an analogy my husband, the football fan, understands well.

The baby’s room has been set up and overly organized for a while now. There is nothing left to do, but sometimes I catch myself in there trying to find something that’s out of place - like one sock in the drawer not lining up perfectly with the rest.
The wait is the hardest part now - although there are those boxing matches he conducts at times that make my stomach bounce.

The other day I was going through all the baby’s folded and organized clothes, just to look at them again and make sure they’re all still in the right place. Then I started making sure all of his toys work. They’re a lot of fun. This baby has not even been born, and he is already lovingly spoiled.

If I have to wait much longer on him, I could see myself tearing apart his room just to organize it again. I hope I am this organized when the second child arrives. But I am almost certain that by then, we’ll have our hands full with the first one, and it won’t be anything like this. Those socks will just have to remain unaligned with the rest.

So, to all the soon-to-be moms who are anxiously awaiting, I feel your pain in more ways than one. If you need any help organizing the baby’s room, let me know.

(You can reach Stephanie at stephanie.bulletin@gmail.com. Or by writing to: The Bulletin, P.O. Box 2426, Angleton, TX. 77516)