Published on September 14, 2021

Fall decor ideas that are gourd-geous for your home

By Stephanie Johnson / The Bulletin

Fall is right around the corner, the first day of fall starts on September 22. The leaves start to change colors and the cool breeze blows in your hair. Well, that doesn’t exactly happen here in Texas that soon, especially here in Brazoria County. We all wish that type of weather was here by then, but usually, we are still averaging temps in the eighties.

But, it is never too soon to start decorating and getting into the fall spirit. With the Brazoria County Fair coming up in early October and fall festivals starting soon, it is time that your house looks like fall even though it might not feel like it yet outside.

My favorite fall decoration is pumpkins. They are fun to decorate and you can do so many different things with them. Here are a couple of easy pumpkin crafts to get you into the fall spirit!

An easy outside decor idea is to get an old wheelbarrow and place all different sizes and colors of pumpkins in them. It’s easy and looks great, and the older the wheelbarrow, the better. You can even add a little bit of hay to add some texture and filling between the pumpkins.

Painting pumpkins is a lot of fun and looks great with the fall decor. It’s an easy DIY instead of paying a lot of money at the stores. You can use stencils to paint on them or freehand them. Get a pumpkin and paint it white, let that dry, and then use different colors of leaf stencil to draw or create any design you want.

Want a new front porch decoration? Find three different sizes of pumpkins and cut the stem off the larger two pumpkins. Stack the pumpkins by your front door from largest to smallest, and you now have a new stacked-pumpkin front porch decoration.

Ever heard of gnome pumpkins? They are adorable and easy to make, so you can turn this craft into a family activity.

Trace a large triangle on wool-plaid fabric, adjusting size according to the size of the pumpkin, and cut it out. Roll it up like a hat and glue the edges. Fill hat with either newspaper (maybe this page crumpled up), or filler to help it stand upright; put the hat on the pumpkin. Attach a small, round wood bead to the pumpkin with hot glue to create the nose. Attach strands of yarn with hot glue around the nose to create a beard; trim as long or short as you want! Now you have a new adorable centerpiece or decoration that will last you until Thanksgiving!

Want a fancy pumpkin for a wedding shower or any other event? Separate sections of lace trim or use flower appliqués and attach to pumpkins with hot glue. Ta-da!

Time for a new fall wreath? Grab a grapevine wreath and glue faux pumpkins to the inside-bottom. Hang on your door with either ribbon or a door hanger and admire!

Having a Thanksgiving feast or a party and need place settings? Grab small pumpkins, gold push pins, and cardboard. Write your guests name on the cardboard pin them to the pumpkin.

Here is a unique and easy way to showcase your autumn spirit. Drop small pumpkins into tall cylindrical vases to create a stacked look. You can try keeping like colors together for a bold look or alternating them for a more harmonious feeling.

The heights of the vases may differ according to preference, but the variety in height and color make this centerpiece something to talk about.

Bring a subtly aquatic touch to your centerpiece by using floating candles. Stack small pumpkins inside a tall, square glass vase, and pour water over them. Set the floating candles on top and light. The color of the pumpkins and simple beauty of the candles will add to the effect. .

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