My resolution is to try not to break my resolutions like last year

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

New Year’s resolutions are a fun way to start the year, provided we don’t take them too seriously. I have some that I probably won’t keep, and you probably have some more.

But, since this is the start of a new year, I might as well get it out in the open. I may have mentioned some of these last year also, but I can’t remember. If you read it already, I am sorry. It was just too much trouble to click on the archives.

And, obviously, I did not keep them.

• I will try hard to stop writing 2013 on all my checks for the next month.

• I promise to be more tolerant of the woman behind me in the drug store line who is yelling that her daughter is sick and needs her medicine while it’s my turn to get mine. Lady, we are all here for the same reason - because someone is sick and needs medicine.

• I promise that this year I will exercise more in the gym and use the cell phone less. This will be very hard to keep, since exercise is boring, and using the cell phone is not. But I’ll try to stick to it, although those leg exercises seem to go by a lot faster while I’m also checking my e-mail.

• I will not sit at the computer all day long. I promise to move around for about 30 minutes a day. This is a long shot also on certain pressure days, when the computer screen is my world. But I have been known to divert my attention to Facebook at times when the pressure is off.

• I will not spend as much time on Facebook as I did in 2013. This is another one that will probably fly out the window pretty quickly, just like last year.

FB is addictive. All those friends are so easy to reach, and when I see something out of the ordinary, or sometimes just ordinary, I have to take a photo and post it. And, of course, there are those pet photos that are mandatory to post by the dozen.

• I will stop setting two alarms on my radio and my phone alarm on days I have to get up early, only to turn off all three of them and continue sleeping. I think multiple alarms are counterproductive because you get used to ignoring the first one, and then the rest. If there was only one alarm, upon hearing it after awakening, you would recognize its importance and react accordingly. But that’s just a theory.

• I will not blame the dog for the bad odor in the room. This was broken on Jan. 1 last year.

• I will not go to a Houston Astros game thinking that they will win. Winning is an extra, and a nice surprise. Same goes for the Texans. I’ll enjoy both teams no matter what they do, as long as the adult beverage concession supplies hold up in the stadiums, of course, to be consumed responsibly.

• I will get a hair cut more often than twice a year. I usually let it grow out a little to get my money’s worth.

• I will stop buying junk on eBay because it looks so good at that particular time. I admit, I have bought my share, like an old stereo record player with only one good speaker. The seller didn’t mention that part.

I also bought a laptop that was dead on arrival. It came from Hawaii, then went back to Hawaii, and came back again. I got my money back on that one, and also fixed it eventually.

But, I have never been to Hawaii.

• I will try to write more sigificant columns in 2014. I think I already broke this one.