It’s a new year, so here we go again with more resolutions

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

Each year this time I write a column on New Year’s resolutions, so here it goes again.

I may be repeating some of them, since I have not reread what I promised to do the previous years. I’m sure that they were broken pretty routinely. We’ll try to do better this year.

I promise to stay off Facebook as much as possible. This is a repeat promise from last year, and the years before that, and probably were broken right after I wrote it.

It’s hard because Facebook is like a drug. One of its founders even admitted that it was designed to draw you in. It’s a great way to communicate to friends and family, but not so good when getting drawn into debates with Russian trolls. I stay away from that.

I have a policy of not posting political stuff, but a lot of my friends on both sides do. I urge them to resolve in 2018 to reduce the frequency of those postings. They don’t convince anyone of anything, and after so much venting, there is not a lot more that can be said.

I promise to either take better care of my gasoline lawn mowers or buy another battery-operated one.
Small engines and I don’t agree on much of anything. They work whenever they want to, and after I let them sit for awhile, they just decide not to work at all.

I know, the fuel lines, carburetor, air filter, spark plug, etc. That’s just too many things to keep track of. I like the electric ones that turn on when you pop in two batteries and push a button. It’s a lot less to worry about.

I need a self-propelled electric one or to learn how to keep the small gasoline engines from clogging up. So, that’s my first resolution. Whichever way I go, I’ll have to Google it.

I promise to spend more time in the gym. This is a cut and paste resolution. I use it all the time, but this time I mean it.

It makes no sense not to go, since I pay for it either way, and once I get there, I really like it. I am one of those comfortable gym-goers, though. No grunting, no heavy stuff, nothing exhausting. I’m not in it for muscle building, just to feel better, and get enough cardio going to pump up the circulation a little.

I promise to spend less time on my cell phone while working out and more time working out.
The gym is a perfect place to read messages and catch up on the news and Facebook postings. There goes my first resolution.

Some people get carried away talking on the phone in the gym, and the rest of us have no choice but to listen in on their conversations as it is being broadcast all over the room. It’s actually a nice change in the routine, like having my very own reality show right there.

I promise not to make disparaging remarks about other drivers when they do something so dumb on the road that it makes me wonder how they even made it this far in their lives. I could bring up some great examples, but the point is that I should not hold it against them. Just get off my back, or I’ll slam my brakes on.

I’m always a great driver when there is a cop around. I’m not doing anything wrong. A lot of drivers around me are the same way. Then we pass the police car and often go back to our old ways.

But most importantly, I hope to keep publishing The Bulletin until I physically cannot do it anymore (which shouldn’t be for a long time), or it is financially prohibitive (not very likely, either.)

And while I am doing it, I want to entertain and inform you, and continue to share with you some of my thoughts and life experiences in this column.

These are not all my resolutions, just the ones fit to print. Have a great start to 2018, dear reader, and let’s do this again next week. Not the resolution part. We’re done with that until 2019.