Election year is a news junkie’s dream

By John Toth

If you’re a political news junkie like me, you are probably maxing out right now.

Political campaigns are the best reality show junkies like us watch, and it goes on for a long time.

No matter which side of the political fence you sit, there is something on cable news daily to entertain. The only pre-requisite is that you must be a news and political junkie, which actually separates you and me from a “normal person.”

That’s right. The normal person does not have cable news channels going all day. They do other things, like go to work. They do not watch the news shows at night. They watch other things, like reality shows.

I do find that I am at a disadvantage when it comes to being a news junkie. My surroundings do not require all that much detail about the daily developments regarding political campaigns. It is often better just to skip the details and discuss something people can relate to … like who is getting voted off the “X-Factor.”

I am somewhat handicapped when it comes to that because I don’t know who is or was on the “X-Factor.” I do know what a candidate said two hours ago that causes a stir among other candidates. But that doesn’t create much of a discussion around the dinner table.“GOP slug fest.” “Millions flowing into nasty campaigns’ ads.” “Romney gobbling up endorsements.” These are the topics a news junkie feeds on. Just don’t try to expand on them among “normal people.” You’ll be talking to yourself.

And, there also is some pretty good action. Gingrich calls Romney a liar and pious. Romney fires back.

Perry’s “vulture capitalist” remark is getting a lot of play. Ron Paul jumps in to get the rest of them going even more. Huntsman’s daughters are on Fox News again. Sununu is on MSNBC calling some study a “crock of crap.” And they are all pouncing on Obama.

I’ve probably left out a bunch of juicy stuff, but you get the drift.

Politicians making mistakes is always a lot of fun. It’s the Department of Energy, and no, we don’t have 57 states. It happens in a few seconds in the heat of the moment, but lasts forever on YouTube.

Where can you get a better reality show than this? If a commercial network would package this as entertainment each night, it would get better ratings than “The Bachelor.”

My reality show doesn’t break down into one season or go away in just a few weeks. It goes on for about two years, and it’s just now in mid-season. There is plenty more to watch for those still interested.
Here is how to watch the 2012 political reality show.

Turn on MSNBC in the afternoon, switch to CNN early evening and to Fox News at night. No need to wait a week for the next segment. The segments develop hourly.

Yes, this is a political news junkie’s dream season.