Why bridal shows and NFL playoff football don’t mix

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

Attention to bridal show organizers: Don’t hold them at the same time as the NFL football playoffs.

This is the second time in two years this has happened. Apparently, those of you who are planning these events don’t have access to an NFL schedule.

It’s bad enough that I have agreed to attend some of these events. Going to these shows is not something I would choose if I could get out of them. But daughter wants me to be there to help with decisions, so I’m there.

I give the vendors at these shows a lot of credit. They have their sales pitches down. It’s very tempting to just buy from all of them (if I were rich). It all sounds good. The free samples are wonderful. And, sometimes they loosen things up a little with adult beverages.

I’m not very helpful when it comes to making these decisions. I’m a guy. All this stuff blends together. It takes a woman to sort it all out and make sense of it.

Guys just pay the tab and complain about it. And, they like to watch football.

I’m good at doing that (complaining and watching football). It seems like even the smallest details cost hundreds of dollars, and vendors are rattling off thousands of dollars each time we get around to talking about price.

But I am also having problems following all the details being thrown at me in a noisy room while I’m trying to find out how the Denver Broncos are doing against the New England Patriots.

I want to check my phone for updates, but can’t get a data connection inside the hotel where the venue is being held. I head to a window, where the data signal returns. I’ll just stay by this window for a while.

I’m connecting to my U-Verse app to see if I can stream the game, but it is blocked on the live streaming feature. That’s just great. But, I can watch the Home Shopping Network. Not right now, though. It’s the football playoffs, and I’m at a bridal show with no TVs around.

There is always the Tunein Radio app. I can listen to the game on one of the stations broadcasting it. But when I click on it, the app wants me to buy the premium version. The stations carrying the game are blocked on the free app.

Give me a break.

How much is that photography package? Are you kidding me? Are the photos made out of gold?

I’d better be getting a nice big album for that price. No? But I can download them? You’ve got to be kidding me. What happened to photo albums? I have a bunch of them in my closets.

I found a TV at a hotel bar that has the game on. I’m sitting in the lobby and squinting because I don’t feel like going to the bar and ordering drinks just to watch the game.

This is an expensive hotel. Why can’t they get a bigger TV in the bar? You can buy them now for $500. This hotel has a heated slide and swimming pool. I’m sure they could dish out that much for a bigger TV.

I’m squinting as the game progresses. Inside the bridal show, the rest of my group is busy comparing colors and listening to vendors. A lot goes into a wedding – a lot of money.

Let’s go eat, I suggest, after we reunite in the hotel lobby, a short distance from the smallish TV screen. I know a great restaurant where there is a big projection TV right in the middle of the dining room.

It’s hard work planning this wedding.