We were promised snow, but wound up with a little ice and a puddle

By John Toth

I woke up all excited Friday morning and looked out the window.

Where is the snow?

I was promised 2-4 inches of snow. Now, where is it?

Schools were canceled for the day, city hall announced it would be closed, and my bank cut back its hours, all in anticipation of snow.

I had the camera charged, thinking that it would be a repeat of Christmas Day 2004.

Where is the snow?

There was ice on the windshields and roof tops, but other than that, Friday morning was just another cold morning with a little puddle of water in front of my driveway.

I was watching the weather people all week getting excited about snow along the Gulf Coast, TV stations screaming about how dangerous it would be.

I have lived in places where there was a lot of snow in the winter. It’s not that dangerous. But this being the Gulf Coast, I can understand weather forecasters going overboard when there is snow in the forecast here. It doesn’t happen often.

Once every few years is good enough for me. I like snow as an anomaly, not a month-long event. I personally prefer the warm subtropical climate rather than months of freezing temperatures.

My relatives who still live in those places are hoping that it warms up to freezing during the day. They really don’t need refrigerators or freezers this time of the year – might as well save the electricity.

Snow over there is no big deal, but down here, it’s the main event.

That’s why when the conditions are right for 2-4 inches of snow falling overnight, I tend to wake up excited, hoping that I’ll see snow this year for a day, and then be done with it for a while.
But where is it?

My newspapers had a little ice on them, but not one snowflake as far as the eye can see.
All I can say is that I am really disappointed in all those people who are paid to inform us, even though they tend to hype conditions at times. Sometimes the hype gets in the way of their ability to get the information straight.

I know that predicting the weather is not easy, but we have gotten pretty good at it with these fancy computers. Forecasters can now predict the path of a hurricane for days at a time, but they cannot predict accurately snowfall along the Gulf Coast. That’s just not right.

I can imagine how many children who have perhaps never seen snow woke up as excited as myself, or even more, and were as disappointed as I was, or even more.

Then they remembered that it’s still a snow day even without the snow, and cheered up. A three day weekend. Thank you, Mr. Weatherman for scaring our school officials into closing school today. Can you do it again every Friday or Monday, please?

Ok, enough about “where is the snow.” I’m just glad that those rolling blackouts did not roll over to my house and cut my heater off.

Imagine. It gets cold in the winter – happens each year. Someone ought to tell the power company about it.

Have a great week, stay warm, and I’ll find something else to gripe about next week.
It sure would have been nice to get some snow...