Why bridal shows and NFL playoff football don’t mix

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

There is a solid flow of cars exiting the highway. It’s rush hour in South Brazoria County.

Progress, expansion, people hurrying home after a long day at the plants or offices.
The flow seems endless. This is something new. Traffic jams here happen only when schools let out.

Now the cars are never-ending.

They’re all exiting the highway at a high rate of speed, just to race to the red light, where they wait impatiently.

Then there is a brief clearing, and the process repeats.

We are booming in the south part, folks. Booming like crazy, and there are some side effects that come with it, like the endless row of cars.

I’m making my way back to Angleton from Lake Jackson at the worst time. I’m in the flow, just about bumper to bumper. Where are all these cars coming from? And why are their drivers trying to save two seconds by cutting me off?

Is it my imagination, or are those who have moved down here for jobs driving like a bat out of hell? Or am I being accusative? There are aggressive drivers everywhere. We probably have our share, just like every other place.

So why is all this just now standing out? How come I’m getting passed on the right by a Mustang that is riding the shoulder? Why am I being passed on the left when there are two solid lines dividing the highway?

I have my own way of measuring this. Such things seldom happened before, and they are happening now on a regular basis. Big-city discourteous driving, racing to the next light, breaking the law to save a few seconds perhaps, has arrived down here, along with the workers who are relocating because there are jobs here.

To newcomers to the area, welcome. Now here is some advice to make your stay more enjoyable.

• You can stop driving like a madman. It doesn’t make any difference down here. You won’t get to your destination any sooner than if you just take it easy and enjoy the inside of your car.

• Zig-zagging between the rest of us who have been here a while won’t make us think that you are the greatest driver in the world. We just think that you are a jerk. Some of us may even pick up that cellphone and report your dangerous-driving butt to the authorities.

• Next time I see you in that fancy sports car as you prepare to pass me on the shoulder, I may just decide to pull over my 1995 van to see how good of a driver you really are. I may be having engine trouble at that particular moment.

• If you ride my bumper, like cars do in the big cities, because you don’t like that I am driving the speed limit, I may have to slow down a little just to be on the safe side. The speed limit is for ideal conditions, and it looks a little cloudy today.

• If you have a need for speed, there is a safer way. Go to MSR Houston in Angleton and rent one of their fast cars. Then drive it on their tracks – fast. If that’s not enough, buy a plane ticket, and at cruising altitude, keep telling yourself that you are actually moving at 500 MPH. Then order another drink.

Because, I am getting really tired of all this lack of courtesy and “me- first” attitude that has popped up in the last year or so.

Some of us like to drive the way we used to before Hwy. 288 was even opened. It took awhile to get to Houston, but we didn’t mind. That’s the way it was. And when that fancy new highway opened in 1983, it was great to cruise up and down on it without having to worry about traffic jams.

I hope we won’t turn it into another Hwy. 45 now that everyone has discovered that there are jobs down here. That’s a nightmare highway that I hate driving on, especially on the downtown Houston elevated part.

By the way, from Hwy. 6 down, you’re driving on the Nolan Ryan Expressway, in recognition of Nolan, who grew up in Alvin.

There are a lot of interesting things down here, lots of history. So, slow it down a little and enjoy it.
And, welcome again to South Brazoria County. It’s always nice to see new faces. But not as you’re passing me on the shoulder.