Roundabout: Fox News pays for summit

By John Toth
The Bulletin

Give credit to Fox News last week. They cut out about 80 commercials to run the Health Care Summit last Thursday. That’s a lot of money. I can just see the Fox accountants pulling their hair out as they added up the lost revenue.
After the summit, however, they predictably trashed the whole thing.
MSNBC, the anti- Fox News, had to wait a while to throw bouquets at the summit because they had to break away for a Winter Olympic hockey game. I can just see Chris Mathews fuming away as the game progressed.
Olympic Curling
What’s with all this Olympic coverage, anyway? Most of the sporting events were boring. The other day I was sitting on the porch watching the grass grow and thought to myself, “Why don’t I go inside and watch some Olympic curling?” It’s the same thing.
Why does anyone at NBC think that a single person in this country is interested in curling? A stone is slid down the ice very slowly, and two people with a broom clean the ice as it makes it to a circle. I guess there is a scoring system.
The Olympics started on a sour note when Georgia Olympic luger Nodar Kumaritashvili was killed in a fatal accident during a practice run. He hit some metal posts at 88 MPH. I guess someone forgot to put the padding up. They did that right after the crash, though, and blamed the accident on the luger’s inexperience. Maybe those exposed metal posts had something to do with it also, huh?
Real killer whale
Killer whale Tilikum at Sea World in Orlando, Fla. is now a true killer for the third time. Last week the whale grabbed veteran trainer Dawn Brancheau, 40, dragged her underwater and drowned her.
The incident is the third time Tilikum, a 12,300-lb. Orca, has been involved in a human fatality. In 1991, a trainer died after falling into a tank with Tilikum and two other whales at Sealand of the Pacific, a theme park in Canada. In 1999, a homeless man sneaked into the whale tank at Sea World in Orlando after-hours. The man died of hypothermia, although bruises and bite marks suggest that the Orca may have had a role in his death.
Tilikum is the father of the Orca, Ky, who also tried to drown his trainer at a Sea World park in San Antonio.
Maybe we should just let them go to live in the wild where killer whales belong.
There is no reason why elephants in a circus should hold each others’ tails and walk around in a circle, or for a 12,300-lb whale to do dumb tricks in a big pool. Just rent “Planet of the Apes” starring Charleston Heston and see if you won’t agree with me.
College too expensive
Rice University’s undergraduate tuition for 2010-11 will be $33,120 -- an increase of 5.4 percent or $1,690 over last fall. I think they raised tuition 4.9 percent last year.
I know they also increase student financial aid, but it takes a lot of money these days to get a degree.
Many decades ago I had a chance to go to Columbia University or CUNY (City College of New York). I chose CUNY because it was free. I got a degree, and it has never hurt me that I went to the subway school with many of my friends who also came from poor families.
Here is a little ditty from Reuters: Digital dumping is on the rise, according to a survey, with growing numbers of people preferring to use email and social networking Web sites to break up with their partners.
So, if you go to your spouse’s Facebook page and his or her marital status has been changed to “single,” something just happened