Twittering is my latest fad, but it’s hard to keep up with latests gadgets

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

ITwitter is my new and improved toy.

I opened an account a while back and then let it sit for a while. That is usually how I approach new things. I let the curiosity build up and then tackle it.

My Twitter handle is johntoth8. Pretty imaginative. johntoth1-7 were taken already. You are invited to follow me. I think so far I have three followers, and two of them are family.

I know I am a late-comer to this new gadget, but there are too many things popping up to keep up with all of them.

Once I got on Facebook, I figured that was enough. I was able to reconnect with old friends and co-workers. I was able to show everyone all my dog pictures. It felt good.

Then a friend suggested Twitter. What does it do? Not another one, I protested. Just when I got Facebook down, now this.

You can still post dog pictures, but it’s a lot more than that.

It started to peak my interest during the Sochi Olympics. I saw information on there and photos that were shown in the mainstream media days later.

The Sochi stray dog killings became an instant must-follow. Some Olympians became famous on Twitter by how many strays they adopted.

Then, a week later, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin decided to invade neighboring Ukraine, and I started following those developments.

It was like a play-by-play on what was happening on the ground, where the troops were going, what the Kiev parliament was doing, how people in the affected areas reacted. Anyone with Internet access can post right from the scene for the whole world to see.

The Crimea and Ukraine invasions are now big news, but Twitter gives you a broader view. However, it’s easy to stay on it all night as the situations unfold.

And there is a lot of junk that comes along with the good information, but you quickly learn to filter all that out.

For example, a joker from Russia posted: “How do you sink an American Submarine? Knock on the hatch.” I replied: “How do you sink a Russian submarine? Make it nuclear. You know what is even funnier? There is no more USSR.”

Haven’t heard back from the fellow, but look forward to some more banter.

I also found out pretty quickly that Russians are very bad at propaganda. They make stuff up, use pictures from elsewhere to make their point, crop photos to make it look like there is a huge crowd when actually there are only about a dozen people hanging around.

Their hot button words are Nazi, Jews, hooligans, Western agitators, to list a few. It is pretty predictable.

Note to Putin: Fire those guys. They are laughable. Then, see if some of the old USSR propagandists are still alive.

But all this Twitter involvement takes time. Good thing that bad weather set in again as the Ukraine invasion began, and I had nothing better to do than sit on Twitter.

The Russian stock market will crash tomorrow, one poster predicted. The next morning I looked to see what happened, and it lost 10% before the government stepped in to prop it up. There are some intelligent people on Twitter, as well as a bunch of clowns and awful propagandists.

A long time ago, I also started a Linked-In account, but that one is still sitting. I apologize to all of you who have linked me in and have recommended me. My account is dormant right now, as it has been since I opened it.

I’m not ignoring all you Linked-In people, though. You’re in my thoughts.

My daughter then brought up that she has an Instagram account. What is that?

It’s like Facebook, except you only post pictures and video, she said.

What a relief. I thought it was something I must have ... again. I’ll stick to Facebook when it comes to that. After all, how many pictures of my dogs does the world need?