Dog poop picker uppers include presidents

By John Toth

I was taking my trash out to the sidewalk recently and saw that in the middle of my front lawn was a pile of dog poop.

I know that my neighbors would not allow their dogs to poop on my lawn. I have big dogs, and for the most part, they all stay away, fearing that the dogs will eat them and their little dogs.

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I might be thinking that this was retaliation for the columns I wrote earlier about Romney and his dog, but my Cagle Features Syndicate readers are too far from here to pull a stunt like this. And my local readers love me too much to even think about it.

So, we can rule out a conspiracy.

A friend called a while back and said he just saw some people in an RV pull into a church parking lot, let their dog poop on the church lawn, get back into the RV and leave. I haven’t seen any RVs parked in front of my house, so those people have probably moved on.

When I walk my dogs in the park, and I see piles of dog poop just left there. When I tell friends that I pick up my dogs’ poop and discard it in a trash container, they say: “Eeeewww!”

I pick up dog poop in my back yard also, even though I saw on TV once that the lawn mower takes care of it.

I don’t know what type of mower that may be. Mine just leaves the poop alone unless I roll over it with one of the wheels. There is no way around picking up dog poop.

I love my dogs, but other people do not, and I don’t want to intrude on their good time in a public area. I don’t want to risk anyone accidentally stepping into my dogs’ poop. It’s a simple concept.

Just like I don’t like other peoples’ dogs roaming my neighborhood off leash. Dog ownership requires putting the dog on leash and picking up poop. Those who don’t do this show that they don’t care much about other people around them.

I’m not the only one who thinks like this.

In 2010. President Obama told a group of elementary school children that he enjoys walking his dog Bo at nights, but doesn’t enjoy picking his poop off the White House lawn.

“Sometimes I have to scoop up his poop, because I don’t want to just leave it in the lawn!”

The kids’ response: “Eeeewww!”

“If you guys have a dog, you’ve got to walk your dog, too — and clean up after him,” Obama told the kids.

If the president of the most powerful country in the world picks up his dog’s poop, so can we.

If you think that this is just a liberal thing, and that a Republican president would never do it, you are wrong.

After he left office, President George W. Bush said in an interview that he picked his dog’s poop off the neighbor’s lawn.

“Ten days out of the presidency, there I was with a plastic bag in my hand, picking up that which I had been dodging for eight years,” he was quoted by the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

Someone else picked up the poop while he was president, but either way the poop got picked up.

Picking up dog poop crosses political lines. I hope I have reached some of you who have left your dog’s poop on the ground, only to be found by someone who really didn’t enjoy stepping in it.

It makes me feel good to be able to make the world a little better. What’s equally important is that I have printed the word poop 18 times.