Paying $180 speeding ticket may have been better than $71K court battle

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

There is a limit as to how much money someone should spend on trying to prove in court that he or she is right and the cops are wrong, and it’s probably way less than a man in Australia spent.

Mustafa Shakarji immigrated from Iraq to Australia, where he apparently likes to drive fast – much faster than what the speed limits allow.

In Australia, as in the United States, you can make your case in court, although there is a price attached.
He was accused of going 55 mph in a 37 mph zone. I have converted the kilometers to miles, which is why they have a 37 mph speed limit. It’s actually 60 km.

Anyway, he was driving 18 mph over the speed limit, got stopped, and the cop gave him a ticket, which would have cost about $180.

All this took place in 2012. More than $71,000 later, he is still fighting the ticket. He actually won one appeal, but the police appealed the appeal, and it was overturned. Mustafa must be a court’s worst nightmare, and a lawyer’s dream. His attorney is probably driving a super nice car.

Who knows? He may be right. He may not have been speeding, and all the equipment in the police car that measures speed may have been broken, miscalibrated or misinstalled, as he claims.

I could get him a much better deal. For a deeply discounted fee of only $25,000, I could have worked out with the court to allow him to take defensive driving.

If Australia does not have defensive driving (I’m too lazy to look it up), I would pay his $180 fine and tell him that the court was so scared of him that it dismissed the ticket, shredded all the paperwork, and the case was over forever, so don’t even bother to check.

And, after I collect my fee, I could take at least four very comfortable European vacations (for two) with that money, because I know where the good and inexpensive hotels are, with free wi-fi and breakfast.

And, because breakfast is included in the room charge, the trick is to eat as much of it as possible so that it is enough for two meals. Then we can enjoy waiting in line at tourist attractions, having to pay for only one more meal per day.

Just ignore the other European hotel guests dining on fruit, muesli and a piece of buttered bread while pointing towards you and remarking what pigs Americans can be. Yea, well you guys are used to getting ripped off. I’m getting my money’s worth.

Mustafa would have the knowledge of knowing that his money was spent very efficiently and that we enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

For that nominal fee, I would also include some recommendations – after his money hit my bank account.

If you want to drive fast and not be ticketed, go to Germany, rent a car, and let loose on the Autobahn. Go as fast as you wish. There are no cops because there are no speed limits.

However, Germany has a 44 percent higher crash fatality ratio than we have here in the U.S.
They drive smaller cars faster, while we tend to drive larger cars slower because of the speed limit postings. Slow down in German cities, though, because they do have speed limit signs.

If that’s not enough speed, buy a plane ticket, and keep telling yourself at 50,000-feet cruising altitude that you are now traveling at 550 mph. That should satisfy any speeder’s needs. Don’t worry about not being able to feel the speed. Just believe me. That is how fast the plane is flying.

Perhaps the need for speed does not need satisfying, but the ego does.

“In Iraq, I couldn’t stand up to speak out, but here you can when you don’t think it’s right, so why wouldn’t you?” he told news.com.au a while back when he still had money.

I have a cheaper solution. Get a dog and spend a lot of time training it. The dog then will do whatever you want. You are in complete control. Just make sure you feed it premium dog food.

“I am sure, 100 percent, finally justice will be served,” Mustafa said, referring to his next day in court, adding that he’s willing to take the case all the way to Australia’s High Court.

Good luck. You’ll need it, sucker.