Roundabout: It feels good to get rid of the plastic monster

By John Toth
The Bulletin

I just canceled my credit card, and I got to tell you it was harder than canceling my AOL account years ago.
I had to turn instantly into one of those guys with a photographic memory as I answered a battery of questions about myself. It’s a good thing that I use the same answers over and over.
Then, after the nice woman (who expressed disappointment numerous times) took all my information, she transferred me to her supervisor who continued the interrogation.
I felt so badly telling him that I am now credit card free. I paid it down, and now I want to cancel it.
I haven’t used it much anyway. The credit limit was no big deal. I just got it for emergencies, but it better be a very small emergency for this card to handle it.
I am now solely on cash and debit, and I feel great.
Work when you want
I heard on a news report the other day that many employers are allowing employees to work from home, and are actually seeing an increase in productivity.
I think it’s called Result Outcome Employment (ROE). Employers like it because more work gets done. Employees like it because they don’t have to commute, can spend more time with their families and are able to work at untraditional hours if they wish.
I get most of my quality work done after everyone goes to bed. It’s nice and quiet, and I can work until I get too sleepy.
This concept is nothing new. I first became acquainted with it in 1983, when Mary Moody hired me as a reporter at The Houston Chronicle, then sent me back to Brazoria County to cover – stuff.
Nine of us in my department did just that while working at home. I had flexible hours – sometimes long, sometimes very short, depending on the story. I got used to working at night when the family was asleep and have a feature story ready to file the next morning.
The only problem is that I tend to work longer hours than I should, but that comes in handy now that I am self-employed. I can work as long as I want.
I called in the other day, and nobody picked up the phone. So, I left a message.
My first cell phone
One nice thing about working for a boss 40 miles away is that we got the latest model computers and phones available at the time. In the late ‘80s, the Chronicle supplied reporters with those “brick” Motorola cell phones. We called it a brick phone because it looked like a brick.
My phone must have had a programming glitch, and I kept forgetting to mention it to the editors. On Friday afternoons, I could hardly get a signal. Go figure.
Tiger is back
Soooo? Who cares? He should never have been gone. Whatever he does off the course is his own business. If he wants to be a pig, that’s his decision.
But, the country has now forgiven him, even though it’s not the country’s business, and he’ll start winning tournaments again.
The whole thing is pathetic. Woods already got what he deserved – a good beating. Man, that must have hurt. His wife, Elin Nordegren, may be a frail looking Sweedish blonde, but she knows how to swing that club.