Getting pulled over in Pearland was quite educational

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

I was driving on Highway 35 from Angleton to Pearland when a police car pulled up behind me.

I drive the speed limit, signal all the turns and lane changes, and overall, I am a pretty boring driver.
But this Pearland police car was hanging around. Maybe he saw me go over the white line as I was getting some coordinates set in my GPS. It’s harder to do that when the car is moving. I should have stopped, but it froze, and I had to reset it, or I would’ve missed a right turn. It is hard to find.

Maybe he thought that I was drunk and was checking me out.

Go ahead, run my license plate. It’s completely clean.

The officer then pulled up next to me. I was going 45 in a 45, so he was looking for something else. In front of me, cars were doing 50+, and he didn’t care.

Then the lights came on. I was curious to see what the heck was the reason.

Nobody likes being pulled over. It’s one of those situations when the cops are making sure that they stay safe and also do their jobs, and the driver being stopped knows there is a very good chance that this is going to be costly.

There were two officers in the patrol car. One of them walked over to my car. I got the insurance card, proof of inspection and license ready. I had to get the proof of inspection because of this new law that requires only the registration sticker on the window.

But, I had everything in my hand, ready to go.

“Do you know why I pulled you over?” he asked. No. But I would be really curious to find out, since I thought I was doing everything right, except for that line thing.

“Let me see your papers, and then I’ll tell you,” he said.

I stuck everything out the window.

“You’re missing your inspection sticker,” he said without looking at or taking anything.

“Yes, sir,” I replied. I always am polite as can be during one of these stops. It helps to be polite. Police officers have a hard, dangerous task, and I don’t want to make it any harder. Plus, by being nice, I have gotten out of tickets several times.

“There is a new law in Texas...,” I replied, and was about to finish the rest of the sentence.

He looked at the sticker again.

“You’re good to rock and roll, sir,” the young officer replied. He seemed a little embarrassed. “Have a good evening.”

Well, it looks like this law change is even confusing to some of our law enforcement officials. It’s a good thing that I kept all of those inspection papers, like the lady at the service station suggested.

When you get a car inspection, keep those papers handy, just in case. You never know when you’ll need them during a traffic stop. Plus, you’ll need to take it with you to get your car registered.

Overall, a good traffic stop. Polite cop, polite driver, great outcome. I was glad to be able to update the young officer on the law changes.

As I continued my trip, I even signaled when I changed lanes from the shoulder to the right lane. When there is a cop behind me, I am on my best behavior.