Misplaced list

By John Toth

I’I had a list of items to write about, but misplaced it. Or, maybe it was displaced for me.

I put it down somewhere, and someone may have moved it. I remembered where I put it, but it was no longer there. It is frustrating.

Then I began second-guessing myself. Did I really put the list where I think I put it?

That’s when it’s time to move on to a new list, which is never really the same as the old list.

I learned that early in my career when I was composing stories on one of those lousy word processors.
Those expensive junkers hardly worked. When they did, they stored information on a big floppy piece of plastic that had a very good chance of failing.

So, we would type along for however long on these machines, finish the story and then try save it to the disk. That’s when the story often disappeared, never to be seen again. And, because I was one of those writers who learned the hard way to save stories frequently, I had the pleasure of rewriting the whole thing – quickly.

The only positive experience out of all of this was that the second version looked better than the lost version. It was like a forced rewrite.

I better hit the save button on this column, just in case.

Losing a grocery list is another tough one. Once it is made and lost, there is a good chance that it cannot be duplicated exactly again. The new list is going to be missing something that will require a second trip to the store.

Grocery lists are valuable because they save money. We buy what’s on the list, and whatever else we see is debatable. That cuts down on frivolous spending, saving a lot of money in the process.

The problem is that someone else handles the list and forgets where she put it. “Can you remember what was on the list?” No, not exactly, but we can start from scratch.

“I thought I put it in my purse. It’s not there anymore.”

Maybe it jumped out of the purse because it didn’t want to be used.

“Have you seen my keys? I put it down somewhere.”

No, I have been looking for mine. I was hoping to use yours. Now we’re really in trouble.

Good thing I have a spare set … somewhere.

The keys are having a party with the grocery list and that story that disappeared off the screen so long ago. It’s all frustrating. We’re trying to do too much, and we’re not organized enough.

I have a solution – a “to do list.”

No, not a good idea. It would probably wind up being lost, just like the list I made about the topics in this column.

Column saved. Now it can’t go off into oblivion. Now where did I save it to? Just kidding. Found it.