Garage cleaning made easier with storage space rental

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

The garage needs cleaning, I know. But there are other things that have to be done first. Nothing specific, but things.

I’m going to clean that garage today, no matter what – determined to do it. But not right now.
O.K., I’m doing it. What a mess. How did it get like this?

I’m walking through there very carefully, following that narrow path in the middle, leading to the washer and dryer, and to the shelves in the back.

To be totally accurate, the garage is not really like the ones in which cars are parked. Several years ago, I had a contractor turn two-thirds of it into another room, while one-third remained the garage, with all the stuff garages have, the washer and dryer and water heater.

It doesn’t take all that long to get messed up. Over time, as the clutter accumulates, I tend to get used to it and accommodate it. Then, when I can no longer stand it, I kick myself in the rear and start cleaning.
This time it wasn’t all that hard. I only filled up two big trash bags.

I usually double that. It’s really easy to just throw things in the garage that you don’t want anymore but think you may need sometime in the future, which is like, everything. After a while, it’s time to get things sorted out. But by that time, it becomes intimidating.

Look there, where did that come from? I have been looking for that for months. So this is where it was? This happens a lot.

Then the wife warns me not to throw things out without her permission. “I don’t feel comfortable you doing this. We may need some of this stuff.”

Well, it’s been in here for months, and apparently nobody has been missing it, I reply. Now, suddenly it becomes indispensable?

“You never know when you’ll need it,” she rebuts.

It doesn’t matter what the item is. This conversation applies to just about everything.

Garage democracy then flies out the window – actually the door. The remaining garage does not have a window. I become the ultimate dictator and make decisions that cannot be overruled.

But what if we do need some of this? I’m beginning to second-guess myself, then find a solution.
I load the “maybe we’ll need this” stuff into the van. I am a genius. Now I can clean this thing unimpeded and get it over with, because I hate doing it.

The van becomes packed quickly and is ready to be driven to my storage space. Yes, that’s the solution. If in doubt, put it in storage, where it can sit for as long as I pay the storage fee.

But the garage becomes uncluttered. It’s still not perfect, but it’s passable.

The shelves have important things on them that cannot be touched, such as screwdrivers and nails. They will get attention later.

Look what I have found. It’s a floor. So that’s what it looks like? That’s an exaggeration, but it was nice to see the garage get back to semi-normal.

There’s a lot of space, I’m thinking.

Now we need to get a big screen TV in there, a few chairs, and load up a cooler. This can be my man-hallway. It’s too narrow for a mancave.

The wife walks in and goes to the washer without saying anything.

Hey, I want some praise for this.

“So, what do you think? Look around,” I say.

“Wow, the place looks nice,” she finally remarks.

Thank you. I needed that.

Feels good to be in here now. I’m going to have to do this more often. Not really. I still hate doing it.