Roundabout: Overdoing Easter

By John Toth
The Bulletin

I was watching some old videos of a family Easter the other day and realized that my kids, now grown, were spoiled. Easter looked like Christmas, except for the colors.
Easter was just another excuse to load down the kids with presents, and the Easter Bunny came with a big bag borrowed from Santa.
I talked to friends of mine who have done the same thing. They got their kids everything, and now regret it. They wanted to give their families what they didn’t have growing up, which is understandable. But, I’m afraid we may have overdone it a little – a lot.
Even our dog Odie got into the act one year. We put her in the backyard and left for sunrise services in Freeport. By the time we returned, the dog found a lot of the plastic Easter eggs. Among all the commotion, we forgot about the hidden eggs from the night before, and when we got home, Odie was bouncing off the – fence.
It wasn’t much of an Easter Egg hunt that year
It was funny, but could have been dangerous. Fortunately, she was OK

Where’s my Bluetooth?
I was looking for it everywhere, even retracing my steps from the van to the house, and inside the house, but could not find my Bluetooth.
It was a horrible feeling, almost as bad as losing the cell phone. Well, not really. Losing the cell phone in my book equates with disaster, even though I have everything on it backed up.
I had to get going, and faced the sad fact that I was not going to be Bluetoothless all day. I just made this word up – “Bluetoothless.” Microsoft Word is red lining it, but I’m going to ignore it, because I think it’s a good word, even though it’s not really a word.
I felt like I was naked the entire day. I had to put the phone to my ear, and hang up quickly when I needed both of my hands. Oh, the torture.
It wasn’t the expensive kind. I learned years ago not to get those, since I’m prone to losing them. I need to invent a Bluetooth that beeps loudly when activated by remote control, so that I can find it. The problem then would be finding the remote.
I was in the middle of Bluetooth withdrawal, when I looked down on the ground and embedded in the damp soft dirt and grass was … my cheap Motorola Bluetooth. I bought it for about $20. It looked ok. I may have run over it a couple of times, which is why it was embedded a little, but there appeared to be no visible damage. I plugged it in, charged it, and put it right back in my ear. And it works as good as the day I bought it. What a relief. That was close.

Styrofoam cups
My daughter works in a place where they use a lot of Styrofoam cups, so when she brings one home, I wash it out and use it again. I know what you’re thinking now – what a cheap (blank).
What I have found is that I can use one of these cups a dozen times for cold and hot drinks. They are strong and hold up for several days before they get a little worn looking and start losing their firmness. Then I put them in recycle.
What a waste to throw these strong cups away after one use. But after recycling for years, I think its good all around to keep using these cups to their full capacity. But, I am a Hungarian who rarely throws anything away before it’s all used up.
How can you tell a Hungarian in a restaurant? He’s the one wiping his plate clean with a piece of bread, asks others around the table if they’re going to finish their fries, and walks out with the empty Styrofoam cup.