Running from AT&T

By John Toth

I don’t want to say that I hate AT&T. Hate is a strong word that needs to be used carefully. So, let me just say that I dislike AT&T – a lot. I cannot get rid of them. They keep following me.

A couple of months ago I ditched AT&T phone and Internet in favor of cable. So far, so good. I saved about half the monthly fee.

It took a while for me to make the move. You know, once you settle into a groove, it takes time to push out of it. What finally pushed me was when the AT&T tech swore up and down that I was getting the high speed Internet I was paying for (dearly), and I knew that the speed was way slower.

No matter what I said, I was wrong. The tech was far superior to me, in his opinion. He didn’t know that he was dealing with a lifelong geek. I was getting a turtle when I was paying for a rabbit.

So, off I went to the cable office and arranged for everything to be switched over.

I got away from AT&T – again.

The first time I ran, it was to get rid of my AT&T mobile phone service a very long time ago. What a pile of junk that was.

I paid the early disconnection fee and whatever else they wanted, just so I could finally ditch this company and never return.

Well, here I am, being forced to return if this deal between AT&T and T-Mobile goes through.

I have been with T-Mobile ever since it used to be called Voicestream. Now, that was a heck of a switch – from the frying pan into the fire. I used to call it pukestream, to reflect the quality of their network, but it was a lot cheaper than AT&T, and they did not enjoy over- billing as much as AT&T.

But, over time, the company improved, and I have had very little trouble. And, at least it has been affordable.

But AT&T caught up with me once more. They are trying to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion. I sure hope this deal is not allowed to go through. I’m running out of options. Verizon is still possible. I have a Verizon data card that has been working decently, so maybe that’s a good choice. But it’s such a hassle to keep switching just because AT&T keeps catching up with me.

I know there have to be a lot of people out there who have had positive experiences with AT&T. I’m just not one of them. Nor are all the people who posted comments under the Yahoo News article about the buyout plan when it was first announced.

I monitored the site for the better part of an hour. There wasn’t a single positive posting about AT&T. I guess I’m not alone. On comment threads like that there usually is a good mix of pros and cons, but not this time.

Anyway, if this deal goes through, I am running again, unless AT&T can convince me that it is good at things other than misbilling, overcharging and providing mediocre service.

But, I really hope this deal does not go through.