Gummy vitamins are a hit with me, but let’s expand on it

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

I posted on Facebook recently that someone ought to invent gummy beer and almost instantly received a reply with a link on how to make an adult beverage gummy snack.

It’s not very hard. The reason I posted it is because I started taking gummy vitamins. The old-fashioned ones – the big kind that are not only mega vitamins but also mega size – tend to get stuck in my throat.

When that happens, I make a scene as I try to hack up the vitamin, and everyone rushes to my aid. It is quite an unpleasant experience, so I switched to gummies.

When the vitamin is finally jettisoned from my throat, I get to hear all the talk about the possibility of choking and how scary the whole scene appeared.

Yes, it was a lot scarier on my end. Here I am trying to take good care of myself with a daily mega vitamin, and the darned thing almost choked me.

So, I went to the store and bought all the gummy vitamins I needed. It was not cheap, but I would rather pay a little more than gag on those horse pills.

They had gummies for almost every type of vitamin I could think of.

The Vitafusion multivitamin gummies were too chewy and hard. It took quite a long time to grind them all up and then swallow them. But, better than the horse pills.

Then I found some NatureMade with Omega-3. What a difference -- nice and soft, great taste.
All the others I found had different textures, but still pleasant to chew and swallow. What an improvement over gagging.

I need to start running a gummy vitamin review column.

Problem solved, but I’ve got a headache and need to take some Advil. These pills are small and candy coated. Nice touch, making it taste good on the outside. But wouldn’t it be great if I could find some Advil gummies?

While we’re at it, how about some gummy snacks that are actually good for you. Yes, there is a diet gummy, but it’s candy, and I read on the Internet that it can give you the runs. Stay away from diet Gummy Bears. Maybe another type of animal, but the bears, from what I have read, will clean you out.
So, if you are making adult beverage gummies, use the sugar ones. It can get really bizarre at your party if you use the diet gummies.

So, why not some healthy gummy snacks you can pop on the go? Or even a full meal, a gummy steak, or hamburger. It would be a lot easier to eat . Busy people would buy it up like hotcakes.
Time out: I don’t like hotcakes and therefore would not buy any. But, I would buy a fish sandwich gummy snack.

Those who have seen the futuristic movie “Soylent Green” with Charleton Heston probably would pass. It came out in 1973 and ends with Heston holding his hands up telling us what Soylent Green is made of.
My gummy snacks or meals would be made of something else. But those who have seen the movie would probably draw a parallel and stay away.

So, let’s start with gummy medicine, and go from there.

I’m running out of the soft gummy vitamins. They didn’t last long. I think the rest of the family likes it also.

Good things happen when you start gagging in front of family members.

How about a candy coated gummy Advil? If you find any, it was my idea.