Lady Gaga turns out the hits and the weird

By John Toth
The Bulletin

After I saw Bill O’Reilly on Fox News calling Lady Gaga a tramp, I decided to come to her defense – not because she does not qualify via her appearance as a tramp, but because in my opinion, she is a ... talented tramp.
She does push all the right, although bizare, publicity buttons, but under all that razzle and dazzle, outrageous costumes and risqué statements is a trained classical pianist, talented performer, and an opportunistic song writer.
On reason why Lady Gaga these days is crowding the Top 40 pop charts is because she uses a tried and tested formula to generate one hit after another. She is like The Beatles in the 1960s, or the Bee Gees in the 1970s and 1980s. The hits never stop.
But, it’s not as hard today as back in The Beatles days. In those days, a group had to grind out 10-12 songs per album and try to market at least one as the hit. To allow fans to buy the hit, they had to release a single (a 45rpm small record), and put another song on the backside of the record.
It took a lot of song writing to make an album, and not all the content was that good.
Lady Gaga in December released “The Fame Monster,” which my daughter gave me as a birthday present.
The first thing I noticed is that all the songs have a Euro sound rhythm, which makes sense, since Lady Gaga became famous in Europe before making it big here. Abba used the same formula in the 1970s, and European rock groups still use it today.
All eight songs on “The Fame Monster” CD could be a Top 40 hit. Nothing was wasted. Lady Gaga writes hits only, no album fillers.
It’s a great concept that has made her mega famous very fast. The Euro sound’s repetitive beat and flow, simple and repetitive lyrics, her high pitch vocals, and simple topics like cell phones, romance, Alejandro and dancing make every cut on the album a hit.
Add to this constant promoting, touring, television appearances, and (drum roll please) you have Lady Gaga, superstar (or super tramp).
I wish she would stop all that crazy stuff, because her talent is good enough to sell out every arena, anyway. But, the life span of a pop star is not very long, so she might as well make the most of it. Like the music; hate the video.