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Published June 9, 2020


One of Brazoria County’s treasures: Our ‘secret beach’

By John Toth / The Bulletin

The cars were backed up for miles trying to get to Surfside Beach. Everybody wanted to be there on this long weekend, like other three-day weekends. That’s when many of the locals stay away. I am one of those locals.

I love the beach. It is one reason I have stayed down here all these decades. I also enjoy Surfside Beach, but at times like these, it is just not worth the trouble. The out-of-towners take over the two-lane road leading to it and turn it into a parking lot.

When the cars extend to Buc-ees and then past it, I don’t even think about going to Surfside Beach. Galveston is an option if I want a city by the beach. But Galveston traffic isn’t all that great either, even though Hwy. 45 can handle a lot more cars than the narrow road leading to Surfside.

On these weekends, that’s not an option, either. But with COVID-19 locking us down all this time, we wanted to go to the beach to inhale that fresher, less polluted salty air as we watched the seagulls fly by and children play in the sand. We were ready to break out, even though the timing wasn’t right.

Which is why we went to the “secret beach.”

All the locals know what I am talking about, but I dare not use the name of the beach for fear that it will become too well-known by outsiders, and the even-narrower roads leading to it will become crowded as well.

This beach does not have any cars backed up. There is no traffic jam. There is plenty of space for social distancing. There are no stores, no restaurants, no bars.

There are lots of lawn chairs, blankets, canopies and beach umbrellas. Couples and families walk their dogs, fly kites and wade in the warm Gulf of Mexico, while children dig in the sand.

It’s not for everyone, definitely not for young people who want to party like a rock star. Those days were fun, but I don’t do stuff like that anymore. I have traded all that in for a bench, a bottle of water and a walk along the shoreline.

“We went to our secret beach. No traffic mess and plenty of room,” I bragged on Facebook.
I tried to take and post photos that would not give away its location, but one of them included a landmark that was a dead giveaway to most locals.

“I like your secret beach. It has always been my favorite local beach, too,” responded a friend.

“I recognize that 'secret beach'! Best-kept secret on the Gulf Coast,” said another.

I hope it stays that way, I responded.

All you people who know what beach I am writing about, you are now sworn to secrecy. Not a word about this jewel. If I find out that you gave away the location or the real name of our secret beach, I will personally go to your house and yell at you.

It is our duty as locals to make sure that few if any outsiders learn of this place. This should remain our get-away beach. It is our alternative to enjoy the Gulf shoreline and stick our feet into the water without having it run over by frustrated Houstonians who were waiting two hours to get on the beach. That doesn't happen at this beach, though, not at our secret beach.

I have an idea. Why don’t we refer to this place from now on only as the secret beach? I know it is not really a secret, but the less we use the name in print, the fewer people will become aware of it.

Yeah, it's selfish. I know that. In this case, though, it's justified.

So, I went to this secret beach during a three-day weekend.

No hassle, no traffic, no waiting to get in. I walked up and down the secret beach and enjoyed it for about two hours before returning home, about the same amount of time it took for those poor Houstonians to get on Surfside Beach.

We won’t even talk about how long it took them to get off of it.

I relaxed, took pictures, stood in the water barefooted (that’s about how far I get in these days) making sure that the bottom of my shorts didn’t get wet. I said hello to some people (from a distance).

Shhh. This is our secret. Loose lips sink - not ships, but whatever rhymes with lips and means secret beach.

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