How I am trying to help the Astros

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

The Houston Astros are making it easy to be a fan this year. At press time, they were leading their division and were the best team in baseball. And when you read this, they’ll still be leading their division and will still be the best team in baseball.

It’s been a long time coming. I have stumbled through some pretty awful seasons and did my best to help the team, but the good times are here.

Admit it now. Some of you went to Astros’ games when they were losing more than 100 games a season just to see the other teams. The Astros were forgettable, a bad team that had no chance for a winning season, or even at being .500.

I have done my best to help them become better. I attended a few games, preferably on Friday nights so that I could also see some amazing fireworks after the game.

In 2015, I attended games on days other than Friday, sacrificing the fireworks and watching that incredible dome open right in front of my eyes, with all the humidity pushing in, replacing that cool, dry, air-conditioned air.

I did it because every time I attended an Astros game, they won. I considered it my duty to sit in the stands and make sure that they had a successful season. It was hard work, but someone had to do it.
Then they started sliding, and I wrote a column on the team and why they should still be winning. Then they started to play good again.

The Astros organization never noticed this trend, but I did. I dread to think what may have happened had I decided against attending those non-fireworks games and didn’t write that column.

You’re probably worried now, thinking that I’m putting too much weight on my shoulders. I admit, it was not easy. During the ugly years, I had to sit through some pretty boring games to get to the fireworks part of the evening. There was more action in the skies in the first three minutes than on the field for the past four hours.

How things have changed.

I tried to continue contributing my karma last year, but things didn’t work out all that well. I attended non-fireworks games and wrote another column, but they didn’t make it into the postseason. My theory is that the team just didn’t play all that well.

I don’t think I mentioned it before, but for all this to work, the team has to have its act together. It’s one of those little details.

Maybe I have been putting too much pressure on myself because the Astros and I go way back, even before we could play with our cellphones during boring games. I like to call those times B.C. (before cellphones).

I can’t remember what we used to do during the boring games back in those days, but we probably talked or something.

We couldn’t have fireworks back then because the Astrodome roof was not retractable. But once the Astros brought in the Beach Boys after a Sunday game to entertain us. I can’t remember the game outcome, but I do recall dancing on top of the seats. Those were some good vibrations.

Back to this season. I am fulfilling my duties to the Astros with this column and my attendance (once already this season). The rest is up to them, and it looks like that is working. I am just glad to be able to do my part.

A perfect combination: A great team and the Beach Boys after a Sunday game.

Astros, are you listening?