Bulletin secret

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

I might as well admit it, since we’re in our 20th year of publishing The Bulletin.
I used to shy away from the subject, but what the heck. I’ll get straight to the point.
But first, let me tell you ... O.K., here it goes.
I work out of my house.
I have an office in Lake Jackson, but I work out of my house. I like my house, and going to work each morning is really convenient.
The Bulletin started at my house in 1994 to save money, and that is the way we kept it all of this time.
I like the convenience of being at home and work at the same time.
Raising kids and working at home was a little tricky, except when they were all at school. You’d be amazed, though, how much background noise is not picked up by the phone.
It was awkward when they started yelling, and I was trying to concentrate, but I managed.
I brought the dogs into the office with me and closed and locked the door. I didn’t have to include the dogs, but I figured that they also needed the peace and quiet.
I learned how to work and have Sponge Bob blaring in the background, as my daughter Stephanie camped out in my home office after school and did her homework there while watching the cartoon. I used to have just about every show memorized.
Then there was The Amanda Show, and so on.
I used to keep it quiet that I work at home, but now that so many years have elapsed, I decided to put it all out there. Why not?
These days, people work at home all the time. It’s not such a big deal.
But, it must have been when we were getting started. The Angleton Times, a newspaper that no longer publishes, decided to greet us in 1994 by filing a complaint against us with City Hall, since we had our offices at the house.
They must have thought that we had some big printing press in the garage making all kinds of noise day and night and that we were breaking every zoning ordinance.
The way I figured, it’s nobody’s business if I have an office at the house. We got a clean bill of health from the city, though. The investigation did even land at our doorstep (I could not resist).
We have had an office in Lake Jackson for many years, and working at home now is a choice, not a necessity.
There are many more advantages to working at home other than what I have already mentioned.
• I don’t have to shave all that often.
• I don’t have to wear clothes that people wear who go to work in an office. If I wanted to, I wouldn’t have to wear ... oh, well.
• I get to hang out with the family and dogs (that is redundant, though, because dogs are family).
• I get to do fun things like wash dishes and mow the lawn, as well as all of the newspaper stuff.
• I get to go home for lunch (it’s a short commute).
• I can work through lunch and just snack on whatever is in the refrigerator.
• When the weather is nice, I can take my computer gear to the back porch and work on the paper there.
• I can work as long and late as I want. This place never closes.
• I can write a column about working at home, while I’m home.
I would not do it any other way now, especially since the digital age made the production a lot easier than when we had to paste everything on layout paper and take it to the printer. We don’t take anything to the printer anymore. It gets zapped over there on the Internet machine.
Let’s see. I am about to edit this next story, as soon as I make myself a sandwich. Better be quiet – dogs are sleeping by the window. If I disturb them, they’ll be begging for that sandwich.