Fun at the beach and staying in touch

By John Toth
The Bulletin

I am sitting on a towel at Quintana Beach Park, soaking up the sun, thinking how fortunate we are to live in an area where such recreation is just a few minutes away.
I sometimes envy those who live near mountains because it takes me five hours to get to some bigger hills that try to resemble mountains, but I really appreciate the fact that I can go to the beach in a matter of minutes and not have to spend a lot of time preparing.
So, I am on the beach …checking my emails on my G1 phone, thinking how lucky I am to be able to go to the beach so close and still get to play with my toys.
The beach was kind of boring before cell phones that did everything; not a whole lot to do but sit around and look at the water. Occasionally, we’d throw the Frisbee or the football, but you can’t do that too long. Then we’d be sitting around the beach again and watch others as they watch us.
So, I’m sitting on this towel because I am too lazy to take a beach chair with me, and I am going through my emails, business and personal. Then I’m checking my Facebook page to see if anyone posted on my wall. Then over to Skype and maybe eBay to see if there are any shipping updates for some toys I ordered the other day.
This is great recreation. I am really enjoying it. I might as well tell all my Facebook friends that I am on the beach, right? So I post a message. I’m on beautiful tar-free Quintana Beach. It takes me a while to write everything just the way I want it. It’s a little harder to see the screen in sunshine, but I’m doing fine. It’s not like this is my first time.
Access to entertainment and diversion is the key to having a great beach outing. It fills time between walking along the shore, observing others, or going out in the surf.
So when people say things were better before cell phones, they are wrong. Cell phones free people like me from a desk and four walls and put me in an environment I could not enjoy were it not for that Bluetooth in my ear and that keypad in my hands.
My thumbs can type faster than a speeding bullet. I’ve been thinking about only using them on a regular keyboard, but that would look weird.
Some people may argue that enjoying the scenery and listening to the radio is the real way to experience the beach, but I say … maybe. Then I decide to try it and turn on my cell phone’s MP3 player.
They were right. They always are because they are they.
Listening to music on the beach is great, especially without commercials. I’m having a better time now. Plus, I can listen to all the songs I like, not this new stuff called rap. I cannot get used to this genre, maybe because I grew up on rock ‘n’ roll and not songs that have little music and a lot of anger and cursing.
So, I listen to what I want to in private without subjecting myself to comments like: “Uh, dad. When did that come out, in the ‘30s?”
I like a lot of today’s music also. I’m not exactly stuck in the ‘70s all the time, just most of the time.
I am really enjoying this recreational experience, but it is getting too hot. It’s time to go back to the RV and get some air conditioning. We’re about to barbecue in the microwave.
Yes, I love the beach.