Why the summer is good for anything but what’s important

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

I’m back at Bulletin Headquarters, enjoying a wonderful breeze on the back patio, thanks to this great technology that allows me to write this column anywhere.

This time of the evening, when the days are hot and long, it feels great out here. Warm, but not hot, with a nice breeze to keep the mosquitoes away.

They were bad the previous day, but between my spraying and the county mosquito killer plane flying overhead this morning, I don’t even see any. I think we killed them off for a while.

I love the lazy days of summer, even though business slows a little. I like the heat more than the cold. When it’s freezing outside, I cannot sit out here and type away on my notebook.

The late summer breeze is relaxing. Everything is calm until the dog starts barking at nothing.

Then the neighbors come out next door, and the dog goes off on them. How dare they use their backyard, thinks the dog. I like my neighbors, so I quiet the dog.

Now the dog is eating grass. I just fed her premium dog food. I guess it’s something to do. Our dogs’ lives are pretty mellow. They sleep around during the day, go outside and complain that it’s too hot, and then they hang out with us at night.

Calm returns again. Facebook time.

I’m browsing some friends’ pages. This one friend will have a birthday in a few days. She died almost three years ago. I always go on her page and wish her happy birthday.

Facebook pages of deceased people are like virtual cemeteries and biographies. You can visit and see what they posted when they were alive and what their friends posted after they died.

I go to another friend’s page, who also has died. Just curious if anyone posted anything. Yes, they did – a picture of him when he was young and worked for an area paper. There he is in black and white, all young again.

I also wished him happy birthday, as I will again this year. Many of my friends did as well.

The dog wants inside. It’s pleasant out here, but she is more comfortable in air conditioning.

I grew up without A/C, dog. I don’t care if it’s a little warm.

You should have put me outside then when I was a puppy, thinks the dog.

Maybe I should have, but then she couldn’t sleep on her bed across from mine. She stretches out on there and sleeps the night away.

I should do something with this big yard. The dogs love it now. They can run all around. Maybe a small pool, or some bushes, a garden, something to liven it up a little. We used to have a vegetable garden of sorts, but never had much luck with growing enough even for a salad. One year I grew pumpkins, but the dog tore them up.

Or, maybe I could put in one of those outdoor kitchens I keep seeing on the Home & Garden Channel.

I need to hang out where that guy who builds one for you for free hangs out. I noticed that the men usually don’t want to be bothered when he walks up to them. The women go nuts. They know that this guy is going to deliver a new backyard for them in just a few days.

I’d want a new fence, new tool shed, new landscaping, new everything. I would agree to the first drawing they’d show me, because no matter what they planned, it would be better than what I have.

My wife watches those shows to get ideas on how we can upgrade our house. I watch them for entertainment. Big difference. I forgot to tell you that I have an old-fashioned jug filled with some Crystal Light lemonade tea. Life is good.

This is the way summer should be. All the problems can wait. All the politics can wait.

All the important stuff can wait. It’s time to enjoy the season when just about anything can wait.
Time for another jug. This time I’ll make it honey lemon tea.

Note: If it is important, you did not read about it in this column this week ... because it’s the summer.