Summer World does not need to end when summer ends

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

I really like driving around Brazoria County in the summer. Overall, there is a vacation-type feeling in the air. It’s Summer World.

But we’re in the deepest part of summer right now, and already I am hearing all this talk about back-to-school this and that.

Summer just started and is supposed to last forever. What back-to-school? It’s still Summer World.
The Brazoria County Parks Department has its annual KidsFest this weekend, which combines fun and games with winning school supplies. It’s a great free event that draws a lot of kids from the area, but hold on just a minute. We just got through celebrating the mosquitos at the Great Texas Mosquito Festival in Clute.

Next weekend is back-to-school tax-free weekend in Texas. It’s a great idea, and retailers love it, but didn’t many of us just sit around the Brazos Mall parking lot, or somewhere else, looking up at the Fourth of July fireworks?

Let’s not rush into things. When it’s 95 outside every day, that means that it is still summer.

As a college student, I worked in a summer camp from opening to closing each year, returning home just a few days before I had to register for classes. There I was, standing in line with other students, hoping that there would still be room in a class I had to take that semester.

It was a lot more fun securing sailboats and hanging the winning color war plaque from the dining room rafters. (That’s a long story, but one day I may write about it in a column.)

It was a great job. It was my Summer World.

I still live in Summer World, but I now take reality with me in the form of a laptop computer. And, adult Summer World can also be a lot of fun even after schools open. It’s still warm, prices are lower, and popular summer spots are not as crowded.

Once the kids are grown, this becomes a popular option.

I have enjoyed Summer World in many places, and never missed a beat when it came to producing The Bulletin. You, dear reader, didn’t know the difference, except when I filed columns from all those places and wrote that I was there.

While I enjoyed sharing my experiences with my readers, there was also a business reason for this - (wink).

I have had a great time combining fun with … fun. Because, what I do is a lot of fun, each week being different, starting off with a big jigsaw puzzle.

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it, too? Actually, Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, wrote it in a letter on March 14, 1538. I looked it up.

I like that proverb. It reflects that sometimes you have two options that cannot be reconciled, and you have to make a choice. Thomas, my friend, I found a way to reconcile them.

While visiting relatives, producing The Bulletin on the road comes in really handy when I want to break away from the endless family photos. “Those are super interesting, but I need to get a few things done on the paper. Let’s see the rest of them later (like never).”

I used parenthesis on “like never,” because that part is just thought, not said. I wouldn’t be rude like that.

Soon, for most, Summer World will be over, and we’ll have the kiddos running around the school zones and exchanging summer stories.

For some of us, it may just extend a little longer … maybe a lot longer.