Where are the worst drivers, traffic jams?

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

Have you ever wondered which cities have the worst drivers or the worst traffic?
Sure, you have. Just think back. You must have been wondering at one time or another.

That’s why I have browsed the Internet machine and found out, just for you.

It’s a good thing that Allstate actually compiled a list of the worst drivers and most traffic jams in the U.S. And, it’s also a good thing that I saw that list and decided to use it in this column.

I like lists because there are so many interesting ways to comment on them. But this one is somewhat limited for column material. It does not leave itself open to interpretation. Either those drivers crashed, or didn’t; sat in traffic, or proceeded at the posted speed limit (or higher).

It’s not like the best-dressed list. But, we’ll use it anyway.

What I really would have liked to see in this list, though, is the inclusion of European cities, which would knock all of our cities out of the top 50, at least.

Because the European male driver is plain ... crazy.

A street light to him means let’s drag race to the next light. If someone cuts him off, he threatens to crash his car into the offender’s vehicle. I’ve been there and felt the wrath of the male European driver.

And, when it comes to traffic, European cities would knock any of our cities out of the running. Monster traffic jams there are the norm.

I’ve gotten into quite a few of them, unfortunately. I could handle the parking in the middle of the the highway. What I had trouble handling was that I was standing still, going nowhere, and burning up $10-per-gallon gas.

I could feel the money just flying out of that gas tank. At that price, they ought to be serving the gas in a silver chalice.

But enough of all this. The worst drivers who get into the most accidents in the U.S. are in Washington D.C. They cause a crash every 4.8 years. The national average is one crash every 10 years.

The rest are, in order: (2) Baltimore, MD; (3) Providence, RI; (4) Hialeah, FL; (5) Glendale, CA; (6) Philadelphia, PA; (7) Alexandria, VA; (8) Miami, FL; (9) San Francisco, CA; and (10) Arlington, VA.
So, if you travel to these cities, keep in mind that people there crash their cars a lot.

It could be because of rain, or snow, or the sun being at the wrong angle. Or it could be that they are just careless drivers. Either way, a crash is a crash.

Texas cities did not make this list, but we did make our presence felt in the other list, the one dealing with where the worst traffic jams are in the U.S.

Drivers in Los Angeles, CA., waste an average of 59 hours a year in traffic. That’s why it is number one on this list.

Here are the rest, from worst to less worse: (2) Honululu, HI.; (3) San Francisco, CA; (4) Austin, TX; (5) New York City, NY; (6) Bridgeport, CT.; (7) San Jose, CA; (8) Seatle, WA; (9) Washington D.C.; and (10) Boston, MA.

Houston landed at No. 14; Dallas at No. 21, Baton Rouge, LA. at No. 23, and New Orleans, LA. at No. 30.

If you have driven in Austin lately, you’ll agree that the No. 4 spot is well-deserved.

This is one reason I live in a small town. Traffic jams here form only when school lets out.