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Published September 14, 2021

I turned to Moses to get cell phone service at house

By John Toth / The Bulletin

Moses was very nice on the phone. Not the Biblical one, although I’m sure he was nice also, but Moses, the T-Mobile representative.

I had to call over there again to see why I can’t get data service at my house in Angleton. I can get it at the Kroger’s parking lot, downtown and every other spot, but not in my house. It has been like this for about six months, maybe longer.

“I can go to my hideaway and get a decent signal, but I cannot get it at my own house in Angleton,” I told Moses. “I just need to know what’s going on, or I may have to switch to another company.”

That got his attention. But I was not going to switch from T-Mobile unless it was the last solution. But I also want a data signal at my house. That’s not too much to ask for, since I’m paying for it.

I’m not much of a switcher when it comes to these types of things. I keep my cell phones for as long as I can because I hate switching phones. Each time I have to transfer all the apps over, and there is always some glitch along the way. I also have to re-learn how to use the phone.

And, there is another important thing: I don’t want to pay for a new phone every month just because it is new. I buy used phones for cash and use them until they break and cannot be fixed.

But I also want them to work, which they do not at my house without wi-fi. That’s a big problem.

“I will put through an order to compensate you for this month, and we’ll do another one for next month,” said Moses as he nervously tried to find ways to keep me with T-Mobile. “I see that you have been with us for more than four years,” he commented.

“I have been with T-Mobile before it became T-Mobile. It used to be VoiceStream. That was probably before you were born,” I said.

He didn’t seem to be familiar with VoiceStream. It was basic cell phone service for a good price, although some people called it puke stream. I always thought that it was good enough, especially after I started getting a signal in the Hill Country in Bandera.

Moses sounded impressed. I tried to tell him more about VoiceStream, but it seemed like he was in a hurry to credit my account, so I cut it short. That was very nice of him, since I only called to complain that my cell phones were useless at my house.

“There is an outage in your area,” he said.

There has been an outage for a long time. Someone probably forgot to flip a switch, I commented. “It’s not that easy,” he replied.

I was about to let him know that Angleton always seems to be at the end of the line when it comes to technological upgrades. When Lake Jackson, Clute and everyone else had touch-tone phone service in the early 1980s, we still had rotary dial in Angleton.

We bought touch-tone phones that converted the button-pushing into a rotary signal, which took a few seconds longer. Oh, the agony of having to wait.

Moses probably had no idea what a rotary dial service was, or having to remember phone numbers instead of saying “call home.”

“I’ve got you all set up, Mr. Toth. Service should be restored by Sept. 18. I will call you on Sept. 20 to make sure that everything is in order,” said Moses.

I heard clicks in the background. He probably put a reminder note in his phone to make sure that he does not miss that call. He also sent me a text multimedia message.

I wrote it down on a piece of paper, just to make sure I had it. I like technology, but I also want a backup. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

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