Why would one of the least populated states have the rudest drivers?

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

Where are the rudest drivers in the country? Why, in Idaho, of course.

Based on a survey of 2,000 drivers nationwide by the website, Insure.com, Idaho has the rudest drivers in the country. Little old Idaho.

I would have guessed New York or Washington D.C., or Massachusetts, but it’s Idaho. Those states made the top 10 list, but not the No. 1 spot. That spot went to Idaho.

Idaho has 1.6 million people in the entire state. Why would they be so rude? The state itself is the seventh least populated state of 50. To give you a little comparison, Houston alone has a population of 2.2 million, Dallas 1.2 million. But Texas didn’t even make the list.

We’re probably close to getting on it, though. But that’s understandable because this is a big state with big cities that have a lot of traffic.

But Idaho? A state that produces nearly a fourth of all potatoes grown in the United States, and which a lot of people mistake for Ohio? That state has the rudest drivers in the country? (Idaho, not Ohio.)

What would be the reason? The state is the size of New England and is basically just open space? It’s capital, Boise, has 212,000 people, the most of any city in the state.

It’s not like drivers there are super stressed as they make their way around the potato farms.

It cannot be the temperature. July and August are hot. The rest of the months are pleasant. The winter is cold, but not that cold. Plus, cold weather tends to chill people out. Who would want to get out of their nice warm cars to be rude to another driver in the shivering cold?

Hot temperatures tend to flare tempers, or rudeness.

A long time ago, when I lived in a really big city, someone visiting from Europe remarked that all the cars had their windows rolled up because it stinks in the city.

Not really, I replied. They are running their air conditioners because it is hot in the summer. The city did stink, though.

The cooler the occupants of a car, the less chance that the driver will be rude, I think.

Not that Europeans have a leg to stand on when it comes to non-rude driving.

My personal experience over there has been that they are the rudest and most aggressive drivers in the world. But, only the men.

Women drive normally. Men drive like maniacs. I have concluded that men should not receive drivers licenses in Europe, because they become insane behind the wheel.

On top of this attitude, the Germans decided that they should not have a speed limit on their highways. They call these the autobahn, which is just a way to call them highways in German.

What were they thinking when they combined aggressive, rude, arrogant drivers with no speed limit?
So why is it that according to this survey, Idahoans are so rude? Maybe it’s because of the title of their state song, “Here We Have Idaho.”

O.K. So?

There you have it. Now what?

Judging by the title, this song has to be so nerve-shattering boring that Idahoans become rude.

That could be an explanation.

Or, maybe because of the state’s name. It’s an invented name whose meaning is unknown.
No doubt, Idaho is a beautiful state. So what’s with all the rudeness?

The survey asked drivers to name those they think are rudest in other states.

“Casting aspersions toward other drivers is a long-standing tradition,” said Amy Danise, editorial director for Insure.com, in a statement. “We wanted to know not only where the rude drivers come from, but also who thinks they’re rude.”

So, the survey basically reflects a gripe session by drivers who may be rude also, but think that drivers elsewhere are rude.

For example, California drivers were the No. 1 haters of drivers from surrounding states, according to the survey. They also thought New York drivers are more rude than those who may have some actual knowledge of their driving behavior, those in New Jersey.

Apparently, a lot of people in other states think that Idaho drivers are rude. But let’s move on.

Finally, here is the top complete list, as compiled by the survey: 1. Idaho; 2. Washington, D.C.; 3. New York; 4. Wyoming; 5. Massachusetts; 6.Delaware (tie); 7. Vermont (tie); 8. New Jersey; 9. Nevada; 10. Utah.

Utah? Wyoming? Vermont? What happened to California, Illinois, Michigan, etc.?

Next week, we’ll examine why Hawaii is regarded as one of the ugliest tourists spots, according to a survey. Not really, but you get the point.