Cooler weather is welcomed

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

It’s in the 50s here this morning, bragged one of my Facebook friends recently.

’m assuming it was payback for all the bragging I did in the winter while she was under a pile of snow.
I’ve noticed that people love rubbing it in when it comes to weather. It’s human nature to “one up” each other.

How is the weather there, she asked?

It’s in the 90s, like it has been since May, I replied.

I like the 90s, I said. It beats wearing a sweater or a jacket in the middle of summer.

I’m ready for some cool weather, though. This is the time of the year when we’ve had enough summer heat and spaghetti graphs crawling around the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. They represent storms that could do a lot of damage if they come our way. So far, they have stayed away.

It’s almost time to forget about storm threats and get that sweater ready, just in case.

So, when you’re at freezing, we’ll still be going to the beach here, I bragged.

Last winter, all I heard from her and some others was that it was so cold for so long. That’s when I posted the AccuWeather screen on my cell phone to make them feel a little worse.

I moved to the Texas Gulf Coast partly because I had enough of the cold. Plus, I found a writing job here, which helped.

During my last not-Texas winter, my car was covered with snow for days. When I finally got a chance to dig it out, I found a parking ticket on the windshield.

That was the last straw (I used to have a bunch of straws, but could find only one). I left a few months later after graduating from college.

When I arrived here, a tropical storm was waiting for me, along with a hurricane threat. Welcome to Texas, Mother Nature said. There is a price to pay for those mild temperatures at Christmas and New Year’s.

But, it’s worth it. Don’t leave – Mother Nature said that, too. I didn’t. Been here ever since – for 34 years now.

It’s almost October, I said to my friend. Isn’t it time for you to turn on the heater and hope the pipes don’t freeze?

Sure, but when will you turn off your A/C? she rebutted.

I hope soon. There is no better way to be comfortable than by not paying for it. Mother Nature’s A/C is a lot more affordable. I gave the friend that point.

Another friend posted pictures from Alaska. She and her husband were all bundled up. I was jealous. I could stand a little natural cool in the summer.

Two years ago when it was 100-plus for weeks, my wife, Sharon, and I flew to Colorado. When we landed in Denver, it was 52 degrees. It felt great (as opposed to 52 degrees here, which is too cold).

That night, we ate in front of a fireplace at a restaurant, and of course, I posted a photo.

It was great for a few days, but I had the heater running at nights.

The best weather bragging I have come across was in March, when Europe was still under snow, and it seldom climbed above freezing there. A friend in Florida posted his girl swimming in their backyard pool.

The accompanying words rubbed in to the relatives in Europe that it was a little milder in Florida.

It was, but you could tell that the girl in the pool was freezing. She probably jumped out right after they took that photo. Pool water doesn’t get all that warm in the winter, not even in Florida.

But, it was worth a few seconds of shivering to tease the folks back in the old country.

I would have done the same thing, with one exception. I would have heated the pool water to about 82 degrees.

Enjoy the cooler weather, dear readers. It’s going to feel great after a long, hot summer.