4G service comes to my little town

By John Toth
Bulletin Publisher

I put on my reading glasses and took a closer look. The little symbol on the top of my smart phone that indicates what type of signal I am receiving had changed to 4G.

Now, all you folks with smart phones in big cities probably are rolling your eyes, thinking big deal, but in my small town, to a geek like me, this is on the same level as the arrival of color television or touch tone phones.

Those of us living in small towns, like my hometown of Angleton, have to wait longer to get these innovations. It took the phone company years to provide DSL to my part of town, and then it was lousy at best.

I upgraded to a 4G smart phone and renewed my contract with T-Mobile because the clerk at the store where I bought it told me 4G was coming. And now it’s here. I can jog or work out now listening to any radio station in the world. I can stream cable TV networks, or anything else on the Internet, and … well, I’m probably preaching to the choir or boring you to death.

I have to backtrack a little and explain 4G. It’s fast Internet, wi-fi fast or faster, everywhere. It’s 4th generation mobile, which is faster then the 3rd generation mobile, and so on down.

If you’re interested in the details of how 4G works or how it’s technically different from 3G, look it up on Google, because I am not really qualified to explain it. However, now you can look it up on your 4G phone anywhere there is 4G service.

I would have been satisfied with 3G. The town 20 miles north of us has had it for a while, but it is closer to the big city. The town to the south of us has yet to get it from T-Mobile. That’s probably next.
Some of the providers already have 3G everywhere around here, but last time I checked, 4G is one G better.

So, am I losing you? I’m trying not to be technical, mostly because I am reaching the limits of my technical knowledge when it comes to this subject.

I have been with T-Mobile for many years, even before the company changed its name. It used to be called VoiceStream, or more accurately, many of us called it puke stream to better describe its service. But, it was cheap and adequate. The company has come a long way.

I was so overjoyed by this development that I just had to share it with all you geek newspaper readers – both of you.

Some of you are probably thinking that I am making too big of a deal about this. Phones are for talking, not for all this other stuff like Internet, texting, games, even movies and music.

Smart phones are for everything, and it just so happens that you can also make calls on them.

Viva 4G. It was worth the wait. Look at those web pages load in record time. Wait, I’m getting a call. Can’t answer it now. I’m too busy playing with this thing.

I forgot. I can surf the Internet and talk at the same time now.

“Hello, dad. Did you know we got 4G service now?”

Yes, it was a historical moment – sort of, depending on one’s geek level.