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Our 27th year of publishing

Published October 20, 2020



Bulletin back on Facebook with new site

By John Toth / The Bulletin

A couple of weeks ago, I ranted a little about how Facebook made The Bulletin invisible without notice or being given a chance to correct whatever they thought was wrong with the site. This week, I shall continue that little rant.

We’re still in the dark about why Facebook made this decision. The Bulletin’s page has been established for many years, past a decade perhaps, and we have never had any problems with it. We have garnered thousands of “likes” and followers, and during hurricanes we posted vital information about local conditions.

Now, Facebook decided that it should no longer be visible. While we’re pretty mad about what has happened, it didn’t take long to post a new site. The Bulletin is now back on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/thebulletinbrazoriacounty.

Usually when something like this happens, we can call a toll-free number or send an email and start the process to fix the problem. Not with Facebook, though. There are no humans to talk to.

Over the many years, we have spent some money promoting our site. Not as much as other big companies, but enough for Mark Zuckerberg to put a few gallons of gas in his car, or perhaps buy lunch for himself. It was a modest amount, but many modest amounts add up. Being in the advertising business also, we know that all accounts are important.

But apparently, not to Facebook.

To look for solutions, we searched the Internet machine and came up with none. But we did find a bunch of posters who complained about how Facebook shut down their company sites without notice.

“I had no warning or opportunity to fix whatever was wrong with my page — it was simply gone. I didn't know about it until I logged into Facebook and tried to access it, John Nemo wrote in The Business Journals. “Despite the fact that I've spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads using that page since 2012, I was unable to find a phone number or live chat option to reach someone about the issue.”
That sounds familiar. But what happened later?

“It took 48 hours to get an email response from Facebook, and even then it was just generic and didn't help resolve anything or explain why my page was taken down,” Nemo wrote.

That’s more than what we have gotten so far. Then he said something interesting.

“My only opportunity to try and resolve the issue was to send an email to the person who complained/reported my page to Facebook. (Facebook gave me the email address.) I emailed the person asking what I did, how I could fix the situation, etc., and got no reply.”

This is something we’re still working on, even though we already have the new page.

Right now, we’re guessing that it was either just a dumb Facebook mistake that is next to impossible to correct; a rule we violated that we could not correct before the site was pulled; or someone reported the site and made some allegations that were either false or could have been misconstrued.

Either way, our new site is up, but our investigation into what happened has just begun. We’ll keep you posted on updates as they become available.

We’ll get to the bottom of it - if for nothing else, to satisfy our curiosity.

(John looks forward to hearing from you on this subject. Send me a note at john.bulletin@gmail.com. You can even send an old-fashioned letter to: The Bulletin, P.O. Box 2426, Angleton, TX. 77516.)