Weird is on the menu worldwide at restaurants that want to stand out among the rest

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

I was surfing the Internet to see what stories I can exploit ...I mean, write a column on ... and came across a piece on The Magic Restroom Cafe in California City, Calif.

It’s a restaurant that is built out like a restroom.

Here are some of my questions:

Do you have to be a potty mouth to go there?

Since you are eating in a restaurant that looks like a restroom, do the restrooms there look like a restaurant?

What do you do if the food makes you sick? Should you stay where you are, or run to the ... restaurant?

Do you get special treatment if your name is John?

When you are finished eating, do you tip the attendant, or the waiter?

Should you wash your hands after eating?

If you don’t like the food, should you complain to the manager, or just flush it?

Should you go to the Magic Restroom if you are not tired?

Is telling a joke considered bathroom humor? If so, is that appropriate, since you’re eating there anyway?

You can come up with many more puns. I’m sure the employees of The Magic Restroom have heard it all.

This is a new concept even for California, but toilet-themed restaurants have been around for a while in Taiwan, where a chain of restaurants called the Modern Toilet has been operating successfully for a while.

“Check out the savory rice and noodle dishes,” suggests an article written after the restaurant’s “soft” opening. The hard opening, or grand opening, was on Friday. I wonder what the bowl of soup is like?

People must be flushed with excitement over this restaurant, but the restroom theme is not the only weird restaurant concept, or the weirdest.

According to the, it ranks third on the worldwide weird list.

Dans Le Noir in London, Moscow and Paris is No. 10. Don’t bother dressing up because you will be dining in pitch dark. “You have never tasted food like this before,” boasts the restaurant’s promotion. Whatever it is. I guess this is the perfect place to take someone with whom you don’t want to be seen.

And, there is the Eternity Restaurant in the Ukraine, where diners enjoy their favorite dishes next to caskets in a funeral home.

I almost forgot to mention the New Lucky restaurant in India, built over a centuries-old Muslim cemetery. Nobody knows who is buried there, but you can see the graves. The waiters maneuver around them to serve you - probably a skeleton crew.

I’ve been just skipping around the list, but you are probably wondering which one was found to be the weirdest of the weird restaurant concept.

It’s the Nyotaimori restaurants in Japan, where food is served on live human bodies, usually unclad, somewhat like a human sushi platter.

None of these places would make it in Texas. We like our meat and potatoes and fried foods. O.K., throw some peanut shells on the floor, but that’s it.

I noticed that they are still hiring wait staff at The Magic Restroom. I’d guess the applicants are so excited, they can barely hold it in.