Feral felines find a helping hand

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

TI could see that he was scared. He ran away from me as I approached. It didn’t matter that I had food in my hand.
I put the food down and left. A few minutes later, I looked out the window. The scared tabby cat was wolfing it down.
I let him finish and again tried to approach very slowly, but he once more ran away.
I named this stray tabby cat TC -- for tabby cat. He may be a she, but I’ll just assume right now that it’s a he. I’ll write a follow-up column if I am wrong.
I felt sorry for TC, but there is not a whole lot else I could do for now. At least he had a good meal that day.
I fed him the same expensive cat food my own cats eat. It contains all the vitamins they need. TC appreciated it. It’s tastier and healthier than any varmint he could catch around the neighborhood.
He behaved like he had missed a few meals over the last few days, like perhaps all of them.
There is a beautiful, long-haired black cat that also has discovered us. His name is now BC. He has been coming around for a while, twice a day. I think he was left behind by neighbors who moved away. He lets me pet him before he starts eating.
At first, he also ran away, but now he hangs around at meal times. His fur looks well-kept and shiny. 
Our second cat was born in the wild. He was hanging around with his mother when, Sharon, my wife, and I saw him at our apartment complex. Sharon got close enough to start petting Red Cat, and he became friendlier.
One day we came home from work, and the cats were gone. The apartment manager said she had called animal control, and they rounded a bunch of them up. Sharon felt guilty because Red Cat may not have run away, since he had started trusting humans.
The next day he showed up alone for feeding, and we put him in the apartment. This once-wild cat was one of our most gentle. He died 14 years later in our house, where he spent the rest of his life.
I never could understand why people throw pets away. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. The lucky ones “find” new owners.
As I write this, TJ cat is curled up in my lap. He found us 12 years ago, and since has lived comfortably in our house. Maybe BC and TC will do the same.
We’ll see. For now, they’re just happy to be fed.