Exercise your right to read while you eat

By John Toth

I have written some important columns and many totally frivolous ones over the years, but this one is – important.
If you have trouble finding The Bulletin, or if your favorite spot where you have been picking it up for years no longer has it, call or email us, and we’ll give you a nearby location.
Call us at (979) 849-5407 or email to bulletin94@yahoo.com.
The reason we’re pointing this out is because we have been forced to remove the paper from some locations because of a change in management. We have found other locations nearby, or we already had them in place, and would be glad to guide you to another restaurant or business where the Bulletin is distributed.
Thank you Bulletin readers for voicing your opinions to management at certain locations where you enjoy reading the paper over morning coffee or lunch, and have been for years. We are back at most of those locations.
What is nice is that you did it without us even asking.
Most importantly, thanks for checking us out each week. We believe that reading a newspaper, especially ours, is your right. Too many people have relinquished it by just watching TV or messing with their smart phones all the time.
Sure, getting on the Internet is fun, but it’s also fun to read. And we make it possible to do it for free, fast and easy, each week, while you quickly consume your lunch or are just relaxing and enjoying the day.
Here is the way I see it. As long as there are trees, there will be newspapers. I realize that we have all types of competition from the electronic media, and that you can get the news each second now if that’s what you want. But why not still do it the old-fashioned way for free and help the environment?
That cell phone you’re holding is non-renewable. Everything that went into making it is gone from the planet forever.For the most part, your electronic gear will hit some dump once you are through with it.
Not with a newspaper. All publishers, including myself, are staunch recyclers. We have been recycling papers before recycling became fashionable. And the newspaper you read today, or the ones we pick up weekly (very few), will be recycled to make more newspapers. Plus, trees grow. Plastic and metal do not.
That’s why newspapers, especially mine, are here to stay in some form, because they use a renewable product. That’s why we need your help to make sure we don’t wind up next to the used Styrofoam cups and plastic utensils.
Now, what we need to do with this paper is respect its origin and the final product rather than have it sit around or be thrown away because someone, somewhere decided that you should not read and enjoy it while picking up groceries, going out to eat ,or getting fuel.
There are many other examples, but these are the ones I could think of right off the top of my head; like waiting to get an oil change. There, that’s a good one.
You may be thinking, sure, John is just trying to drum up more business or save his hide. That’s pretty much it. Hey, I like what I am doing, and don’t plan to change anything, and I also need an income. It all works out well.
Aside from that, you know The Bulletin is like an old family friend. Heck, we’ve been around longer than many of your friends. This is our 17th year, and I intend to do at least 17 more. I’ll be really old by then, though, so the type may be bigger.
Anyway, thanks for going to bat for us. It warmed my heart when I heard about it, and thanks for following the paper weekly. I hope you have as much enjoyment reading it as we have putting it together. There, a mushy ending. I’m tearing up already.