We’re a great, complicated nation, reflecting the world

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

A friend posted a photo of his relatives who immigrated to this country a very long time ago. It went back three generations. The great grandfather landed on our shores to make a better life for his family.

Then a series of comments followed from people whose ancestors also came here to escape poverty, persecution, or both. They were either starving, or they happened to be the wrong religion.

I landed here because my mother and I were granted political asylum in 1967, I replied. This is why the USA is so great. It is a mixture of everybody.

And that is also why the USA is so complicated.

Countries that are smaller, simpler and older don’t understand this. They are quick to pick up on our bad news and hold it against us. What they don’t realize is that we are so big that we usually have several bad news items going on at the same time.

We also can have several disasters occurring simultaneously and manage to handle them.

Other countries turn to us when they need help. You don’t see any of them asking Russia to help out when disaster strikes.

I get hate messages from people in the old country who think I should keep my mouth shut because I live far away in Texas. What do I know about their current situation on the other side of the world?

I probably should keep my mouth shut, but that’s beside the point. I do know a lot about foreign matters because I read a lot, and I still have connections in various countries. It’s easier now with all the social networks.

But I am a writer, and often the better part of me that advises that I should go to the next message, gets ignored. I pluck down a reply, to the point, diplomatic. And then the firing starts. I usually ignore it because I have wasted enough of my time already.

What do you know about our situation, asked a poster, when I commented on a story. Look at all the problems in your own country, that evil U.S.

I made an exception. The country you live in has 10 million people, all white, mostly Catholic, I replied. If you cannot get along in that simple environment, there is something wrong. There are 300 million here, and we’re a mixture of the entire world.

No reply, but that’s okay.

My friend who posted his family photo is a great example of why the USA is such a great country, even with all of its problems. Heck, I am a great example. And you are, dear reader.

If we can put so many people together in one place and can handle the problems that will pop up, guaranteed, without a coup d’etat, then we’re not all that bad.

“I am much like your great grandfather, the one who came here and made a good living as a plumber,” I replied to my friendly photo poster. Except I flew here, and I became a writer and business owner.

Merry Christmas, dear readers. Enjoy the spirit of this wonderful holiday with family and friends. I am doing the same.

Now, how do you shut off that Facebook thing? It’s been a while.