Bullets stop bullets, not rhetoric

By John Toth

It didn’t take long to turn the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy into a political debate.

Not long after the last shots were fired, both sides of the political spectrum used the opportunity to push for either more gun control or prayer in schools.

I guess they have had plenty of opportunities to rehearse, since it seems like we have some “crazy” shooting up innocent people in this country on a weekly basis. And when it’s children, we pay closer attention because it is sadder, although a violent death of any kind at any age represents the ultimate sadness.

The right is grabbing the opportunity to try to bring down the First Ammendment barrier between church and state. It’s not likely that this provision will go away.

The Internet has gone bonkers on both sides.

On a T-Shirt, God is quoted saying that He is not allowed in schools. In my opinion, God does not need permission to be anywhere because He is everywhere.

I’m sure I speak for most people when I say that it would not bother me if schools would allow prayer in the classroom; they allow it at football games.

When I was going to public elementary school in Europe, we had prayed in the classroom. Classes even attended church together.

But, don’t use this tragedy to push a cause, because that lessens the cause.

And on the left, it didn’t take long to jump on the gun control bandwagon. Automatic weapons, to my understanding, are already banned. But hand guns are semi-automatic, meaning that they fire a shot, and then you have to pull the trigger to fire another until the bullets run out.

It’s obvious that handguns will continue to be sold in the U.S.

No matter what side we’re on, this is not the time to push the cause. Those who do so expose their lack of compassion for those children and school staff members who were killed.

Praying in a classroom would not have prevented this shooting. Even if we would decide to ban some weapons, it would take decades.

What will work is this. The only thing that stops a crazed gunman is a gun.

Our children at every age have the right to go to school without the fear of being killed. This is not up for debate.

Most of our high schools already have a full-time police presence during the school day. We need to expand this presence to every campus.

It will cost money, but that can be solved with higher school taxes. You can always get more money, but you can never bring back to life those beautiful children and dedicated educators.

The presence of authority would deter most massacre attempts. Those who would attempt it anyway would not be able to just execute at will. The number of deaths would be either eliminated or greatly reduced.

If it’s not possible to hire security, then select school officials on each campus must be trained in armed security. But I would prefer to see police officers and a patrol car at each campus.

Most of the time, this would be a plum assignment for cops. Chances are they would never have to use their weapons. But, when someone armed to the tilt goes to a school just to kill at random, the police presence would make a huge difference. Even a few minutes’ delay in such a situation can cost dozens of lives.

You cannot stop bullets with prayer, and you cannot stop them with whatever watered down legislation may make it through Congress in 10 years.

Bullets stop bullets.

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